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Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Sketching Continues

Sketching is something I do when I should be doing something else.  Is that the procrastinator in me ... or guilt. My friend Lou, bag blog, sent me this she saw on facebook.    "I used to just crastinate, but I got so good, I went pro."  Fits us both so well doesn't it??

I was having fun playing in the dust the last few days so I set up a still life on the 26th to sketch in pastel. Then my lazy side kicked in and I decided it would be much faster to just sketch in pen and get on with my day.  What did I have to do that was urgent?  I can't think of anything.  I was slightly interested in the baseball College World Series.  Ole Miss won.  They had never been to Omaha so that was nice, since Texas couldn't be there.  Oklahoma was in the finals with them.  Oklahoma is rival in the Big 12.  Made it hard to root for the Big 12 so I didn't choose a team.  Ha.

For Scavenger Hunt from Life 29, sketched in the 9 x 12 regular paper Canson sketchbook with a Micron 02 pen.  There was a challenge to put 3 or more items in a sketch.
Number 5, metal - a flask
Number 6, plastic - red cup under flask
Number 7, glass - the double sided glass
Number 8, made of wood - pencil box
Number 9, ceramic - a blue garlic jar

And yesterday, no sketch.  I wonder why.  We didn't do much around here.  It rained some in the afternoon setting up a beautiful morning on the porch for today's sketches.  These are on a page in the same book with a Micron 02.

Number 10, wedding related - a thank you for a wedding gift from Chuck and Libby and a thank you for a baby shower gift from Emily and Zach.  Both cards came Monday.  Nice.

Number 11, something carved or made by hand - small wine cups from Peru.  Originally terracotta colored and now grungy with gunk on them after being re-fired in 2011.  There is a piece of old, old wood in the top cup, from what?  Why is it saved?  Hmmmm.


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I post every once in a while about Kelly Borsheim.  She is amazing - sculptor, artist, writer and more.  She is in Italy now.  I love how she thinks.  You can see a video here and go from there to her website.


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lain on shared this story about rescuing art from the dumpster:


Joan Tavolott said...

Nice sketches!!! Seems like thank you cards are slowly becoming a thing of the past. It is rare that I receive them any more. Remember when they were a big thing to send whenever you received a gift no matter how small. Getting mail was more exciting then. Now it is 99% bills.

Jo Castillo said...

Joan, thanks. It was fun to get both cards in one day! We don't even get bills anymore, everything is on line. We get local ads and catalogs in the mail. Oh, and political notices. Hugs.

bag blog said...

I may have moved from pro crastinator to Queen of crastinators.

It is nice that OU made the series, but I don't usually root for them. Why add to the rather large ego's of their fans?

Jo Castillo said...

bag blog, we have a big competition on the 'crastinating. I decided I'm glad Ole Miss won so that next year it won't be their first time and have all the crowd going for them when they play Texas. Evil grin.

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