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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Hunting Fruit

It is cool this morning.  I sat at the table instead of sitting on the porch.  It was 49° when I started.  Gene bought fruit and it was so pretty I decided it needed color.  My pastels are in the Plein air bag so thought I would sketch "quickly" on my iPad.  Not possible!

I messed with this for over an hour and it is not my vision.  At least it is warmer outside now.  I sketched with Sketchbook Pro and my fingers.  I forgot to turn on the time lapse video again, but not sure it would run that long.

Number 15, fruit.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

467 Sketches

I sketched this morning in the regular sketchbook with the Micron 03 for Scavenger Hunt 467.  http://www.wetcanvas.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1413116  I got up earlier than usual so sketched while my coffee got ready and I had my snack.

Number 10, stack of plates or cups
Number 11, made of plastic - my coffee mug (brown and not great.  Ha!)
Number 12, metal - rack and pans
Number 13, glass - lid
Number 14, in a bottle - Diet Coke (numbered wrong)

We had to take care of the chile today.  Gene worked on getting David's mailed off to him and I peeled chile.  Actually I'm not finished yet.  I haven't put away the jalepeños.  I will see how hard they are to peel.  Even though the chile is not very hot, I wore plastic gloves and I can tell it was a good idea.  I have warm fingers.  :-)

The roaster drops the chile into grocery bags and it "sweats" so is easier to peel when it cools off.  Sorry I didn't take a photo.  (google roasting chile in New Mexico)

Some peeled and ready to put in plastic bags for freezing.  You don't actually have to peel it before freezing, but it takes half the room and is easier when you get ready to use it.  One sack made about 17 pints.  It always seems like sooooo much when you are peeling.  Really!

So more down the road.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Palomas Sketches and More

We went to the dentist today.  I sketched in the travel sketchbook with the Micron 03, fast and furious.

Number 1, water - water cooler and Number 3, chair and Number 4, made of wood - table

Number 5, made of glass - lamp shades on fan
Number 6, person - Gene

Number 7, building - the ones across from the dentist.  Not sure I would eat their seafood, but ....???

Got up into a previous sketch, ha.  I sketched this as we walked back to the border.  It was 94 degrees so we didn't hang around.
Number 7, bench and Number 8, tree

Number 9, landscape - on the way home between Columbus and Deming, New Mexico.  The three peaks may be named Tres Hermanos or Tres Hermanas (three brothers or three sisters)  Again it was hot so we did not tarry.

Gene had fun with the dentist.  Roger had some phony teeth, that look horrible and he put them on and told the receptionist to tell the dentist that he had a problem.  The dentist came in looked quickly and saw it looked bad.   "I better get my glasses," he said and when he came back and looked at the horrible teeth he laughed.  He said it shocked him and he needed to check with good eyes!  Ha.  I got a movie as well, but not for here.

Here is a before and after shot.

Then we stopped in Deming at Diaz's Farm to pick up some fresh green chile.  We got roasted and un-roasted so we can send David a sack of green.  We also got him a sack of red chile.  We got some for ourselves and some roasted jalepeños.  They are quite good.  We will be set for the year!

Tomorrow we will package it and put the roasted in the freezer which we will take in the car to Texas.  The chile, not the freezer.    I hope to have photos!  It smells sooooooo good when roasting.  It is the smell of New Mexico!!

Monday, September 19, 2016

Silver City Red Sketch and Photos

We are back in Silver City.  I sketched in the regular travel sketchbook with the Micron 03 and added watercolor.  This sketch is for Scavenger Hunt 466.  http://www.wetcanvas.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1412675

Number 9, primary color - red
Number 10, secondary color - green
I was going to do the tomatoes in pastel because they look so yummy, but was not energetic enough to get them out.  Lazy me.

We had such a good time in Arizona so we are catching up on rest and not doing much.

These rocks are in Texas Canyon in Arizona.  Huge rocks, again sort of in the middle of nowhere.  They have a rest stop there, but we didn't stop this time.  Interesting to see and I'm sure I have posted photos before.  :)

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Arizona Sketches

First the sketches for Scavenger Hunt 466

I sketched at the dentists and then in Silver City and then in Sierra Vista, Arizona.  I used the Micron 03 and added some watercolor to the pears.

Number 4, man made - chairs at dentists,  Number 5 spoon ( I posted these previously, but they were on the page and I'm not changing the photo.  Ha.
Number 6, something you eat with bread - my favorite in hotel, Sierra Vista
Number 7, from the bathroom basin - hair dryer in hotel
Number 8, something on the dining table - some red pears in a glass dish
We came to Sierra Vista to see Roger and other family members.  Such a beautiful drive.  This year everything is green which is pretty unusual this late.

Leaving Silver City, New Mexico.

Looking toward Deming, New Mexico

The clouds were thinning out and were very strange.

 Entering Arizona.

The beginning of big rocks and one of the many trains on the way.

We all went to the Kartchner Caverns near Benson yesterday, beautiful to see.  They take very good care of them.  No photos, food, flashlights and more restricted from entry.  Gene had a back ache so he rode a wheelchair.  With no practice it was almost a run away chair.  Virginia said we should rent a chair and take Gene someplace for our entertainment today!

 Carne adovada, pork in red chile.
Flour tortillas, roasted jalepeños, and roasted green chile.

Just some of the food we are having at Roger's.  Add menudo, tamale pie, beans, fried potatoes, sausage, bacon, corn tortillas, brisket, corn on the cob roasted with potatoes.  Home made with love by Roger.  Can't beat it!
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