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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Bastrop Sketchers to Resort

Yesterday was sketching day with the Bastrop Sketchers.  It was a fine day, pretty cool in the morning and a high only of about 84 degrees F.  The destination was the Lost Pines Resort (Hyatt) between Bastrop and Austin.  https://lostpines.regency.hyatt.com

It is a beautiful place.  The inside halls are decorated with local and Texas art.  The floors in the lobby are pecan from Texas.  There are huge photos of the area along with historic photos.  Nooks and crannies everywhere for sitting, relaxing, exploring.  The shops, restaurants, pool, etc., are all very well done with the look of Texas.  The golf course is amazing.

Anyway, no photos from me.  Hmmm.

I sketched in the travel sketchbook with the Micron 01 and some watercolor.

Most of my sketches fit in Scavenger Hunt 497

Number 8, water related - the splash surface and wading pool

Number 9, architecture - Old Bucks Place, close to the pool for snacks and drinks.  I forgot the sign, so nothing new!

Bonus of the covered wagon.  They had two but I couldn't get them both in one sketch from my chair.

Number 10, landscape - one of the nooks and crannies near the bar/restaurant.  You can see the tennis courts across the water.

Number 11, plants.  I tried to include them in each sketch.  You don't see palm trees in Bastrop in general so included some.

It was a good day.  The outings will probably be moved to inside during the months of heat in Bastrop.  One more outdoor session in two weeks, probably at the cemetery.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Baseball Sketch and More

My session here started with posting the previous post I wrote on Saturday morning.  Never hit send or publish.  Sigh.....

I sketched at the game on Sunday in the travel sketchbook with the Micron 01 and added colored pencil when I got home.  I intended to do several sketches at the ballpark, but time got away and I keep score so can't sketch during the game.

 For Scavenger Hunt 497 http://www.wetcanvas.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=1427766

Number 1 orange and Number 2 white - the Texas Longhorns clothing and signs
Number 3, outdoor seating
Number 4, people

There was too much for such a small sketch, but it was good to do it.  The West Virginia colors were blue and yellow.

Today I sketched at the dining table in the huge book with the Micron 01.  (You can see a post about the big book here  https://jocastilloartblog.blogspot.com/2016/01/happy-new-year-sketches-for-hunt-434.html

The sketch from the previous Hunt is first, I wanted to show the whole page today.

Number 5, from my purse - aspirin
Number 6, body part - hand
Number 7, cooking tool - a couple, the hand blender and a jar opener

Sunday's ball game was great.  It was Senior Day and a tribute to Bill Little that has been the information director.  http://www.dailytexanonline.com/2014/08/28/longtime-sid-bill-little-steps-away-after-decades-of-service  Mr. Little will continue to do a few baseball games, I think.  He makes it so interesting as he can talk about the players, their fathers and grandfathers, uncles and brothers that played at The University of Texas.  He will definitely be missed.  As he says, times are changing.

Honoring Bill Little with his family and coworkers.

The seniors did well, too.  Kacy Clemens hit a grand slam home run in the first inning to start things off.  His brother, Kody, was on base to make it more special.  The Horns won 9 - 4 so that was good, too.  Zane Gurwitz had a couple of great doubles.



Honoring the Seniors:  Kacy Clemens, Zane Gurwitz, Bret Boswell, Morgan Cooper and Jon Malmin.

The Eyes of Texas.

Kacy after his home run.

 A fan with his horns on, about the middle of the photo.  

And the amazing Van Gogh clouds.

You can see a lapse time photo on Joanna's Instagram:  

Joanna has mostly music videos, but she has baseball and other interesting stuff.  Shots at baseball taken with her binoculars and iPhone, like this one:

I'm trying to drag on the baseball season.  We didn't go to as many games this year and that makes it seem all too short.  They play in Oklahoma City, Wednesday night at 7:30 or so.  Time depends on the previous three games of the day.  They have 45 minutes between games and if there are extra innings, etc.    You can see the schedules and news of the Big 12 Tournament here:

See you back here soon....

Last of Hunt 496 Sketch

When I thought of something to sketch for "groom" I had to get with it as today is the last day of Hunt 496.

Number 13, groom - an assortment from the bathroom used to groom

It is cool, well 70 or so, out on the porch.  We had .04 inches of rain this morning.  Baseball was moved up from 4:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m. to try to avoid some rainy weather.

The Longhorns played a good game against West Virginia Mountaineers and won 2-6.  They were behind 2-0 until the sixth inning.  Horns scored 2 in the sixth, 3 in the seventh and 1 in the eighth.  It sounded like a good game with some excellent plays.  We didn't go, I listened on the internet.  We were lazy (surprise) and stayed home.  We will go today and tomorrow as Sunday will be the last game of the season.

Next week they go to Oklahoma for the Big 12 Tournament.  Hopefully they will go on from there to the NCAA Regionals all the way to the College World Series.  It is Coach David Pierce's first year with the Longhorns, so we shall see what happens.  Hook 'em Horns!

Sunday will be Senior Day and also a tribute to Bill Little.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Sketches for 496 in the Pink

Truthfully, there are not many pink things in my house.  Maybe my ruddy face!  I did finally find the balloon that Gene gave me at the hospital a few weeks ago.  It is lavender but has some pink ribbon and pink flowers on it.

The sketch was completed with the Micron 01 and some colored pencil in the big coffee table book.

Number 9, pink
Number 10, med - the pill box for my meds, I added an extra row.  8 days a week, hmmm.
Number 11, thread - from the sewing machine
Number 12, bread - whole wheat, if you care.  I had to have a piece of toast it smelled so good.

These are for Scavenger Hunt 496

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

What do Bed, Ink and Glue have in Common? Hunt 496

Sketched in the big book and a real surprise I used the Micron 01, sketching quickly and with no pencil outline.

Scavenger Hunt 496

Number 6, bed
Number 7, Ink
Number 8, glue

The photo was taken with Gene's iPhone.  It has a flash but didn't help the curve of the paper creating a shadow.  I think opening the book for the scanner is damaging the spine and I don't want to do that so bad photos will have to do when it is windy and not sunny.

It is a blustery day as they say in Winnie the Pooh.

Baseball tonight with Incarnate Word from San Antonio.  The Horns played them only once before in 2015.  The Horns won and there are several players on both teams now that played then.  Interesting.  Hook 'em Horns!

Monday, May 15, 2017

Sketching Blooms, iPad Sketch

I sketched yesterday out on the porch while waiting for the kiddos to come for Mother's Day.

I sketched on my iPad because I was too lazy to go get a sketchbook.  I used the app Brushes and my fingers because I was too lazy to get a stylus or try a different app.

It is so easy to fall into a pattern and get in a rut.  I'm good at that!  Probably my best skill.  Hmmm.

For Scavenger Hunt 496 http://www.wetcanvas.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1427370

Number 5, bloom - This is from our neighbor's Mimosa Tree.  It is very pretty and they are so delicate looking.

It was a great Mother's Day.  Joanna, Jennie and Larry were here and we went to lunch at The View at the Mansion at Colavista Golf Club.  There aren't many restaurants open on Sundays here and few that take reservations so we decided on this one.  We usually cook at home because of the crowds.  We enjoyed each others company and the view.  :-)  We were a bit disappointed in the menu.  I didn't check and it was brunch only.  We were there at 2:00 p.m. and had all eaten breakfast so .....  They did offer a couple of sandwiches so Jennie and I had hamburgers.  Very passable.  Joanna had a nice looking omelette and the guys tried the buffet which had mostly breakfast items with some sort of chicken, salmon and rice and macaroni sides.   We opted for dessert at home.  They did have mimosas for the moms.  I tried one, they put in a couple of blueberries and a strawberry.

We didn't take photos of course.  Here is a photo of Larry playing golf there many years ago when we lived in the other house.  The golf course and the restaurant have pretty views with the Colorado River in the background and the beautiful trees.  Some nice photos on the restaurant page http://www.theviewatthemansion.com/  and more on the golf page http://www.colovistagolf.com/

Way back in Peru our daughter Jennie was begging for a gerbil because a friend was giving one away.  I said definitely not, she had a dog and that was better company.  She was very unhappy.  A couple of weeks later was Mother's Day.  Surprise!  Jennie's gift to me was a gerbil!  How could I refuse such a gift from a very young daughter?  She would take care of it and keep it in her room.  Right....

For the cage we had to get sawdust as a "bedding".  I would guess now in the States there is some sort of stuff like kitty litter to have a more appealing atmosphere.  She put the cage near the window and the gerbil used her pink curtains that I made for her room as something to chew and make his life more comfortable!  She had to take the gerbil back after a couple of weeks!

Gene has been wanting a storm door for the front door.  I wasn't too sure -- a nice one is pretty pricey.   He got one and is working on putting it up today.  Surprise!  My Mother's Day gift!!

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