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Saturday, July 22, 2017

National Day of the Cowboy Salute to Dad

It is National Day of the Cowboy so a salute to my dad.  I posted this in 2007 and thought it worth another look:

Grandad's Boost
Oil, 9 x 12 inches
Dutch and David at the Criswell
Today is the National Day of the Cowboy. My father was one of the last "real" cowboys. He was a hired hand and always worked for someone else. He was born in 1900 and died in 1980. Everyone called him "Dutch". Boy, the things he saw and the things he did.

His first paying job was as a cook on a cattle drive. He was 18. I have a wonderful photo, but it is in Bastrop. Shucks. As a cowboy, he was a cook, windmill repairman (mechanic), auto mechanic, electrician, veterinarian, gardener, rodeo hand, race horse trainer and more. He worked in town as the water commissioner and justice of the peace. He worked in the mines for a short time. And, of course, he was a father. :) Sometimes a tough one. He had very strong moral and responsibility convictions. He did like to have fun. He would go to a bar or a dance and throw his hat in the door, if it didn't come back, he felt welcome. He would say, "I didn't come to stay, I came to play." He loved to dance the shotish and polka.

My Mom and Dad, at 62 he looked the same as he did at 18.

His cooking expertise was in Dutch ovens. He would make sour dough biscuits, steaks, fried potatoes and anything we wanted. At the Field ranch when I was in high school, we would leave to work the cattle in the morning after a breakfast of steak, biscuits and gravy. He would put on a big roast with green chile on it. We would come back to the house by way of the artesian well and pick asparagus. The two of us would eat a whole pot of asparagus and some of the roast and drink a couple of pitchers of iced tea.

Dad and David about the same time.

More about National Day of the Cowboy:

Friday, July 21, 2017

Hunting a Doll, Cloud Photos

This sketch is a doll for Scavenger Hunt 504.

This is the only doll in our house, I'm pretty sure.  So I probably sketched it the last time we had these items. Gene's mom must have had it and we got it after the move to this house.  It is a Bolivian doll.  Her hat is black and her shawl is pink with white embroidery and a pink multi-shaded skirt.  It has gold earrings, flower on hat, buttons/pins and shoes.

Number 9, doll with the challenge to sketch an item from the list in your hand.

The clouds last Tuesday were stupendous.  No rain, but we had beautiful skies during the day.

Using the word "stupendous" reminded me of Agnes by Tony Cochran.

You can see more of Agnes here:

Thursday, July 20, 2017

West Texas Oil Painting Practice

On wetcanvas in the Southwest Forum we have a monthly challenge to paint or sketch from photos posted by one of the artists.  I decided to paint the west Texas scene with oils.  I'm planning on a big painting and decided I needed to get my "brush and oil" skills back in shape.

Good thing I decided to practice with the oils.  I just got out some and didn't even look at them.  I got out the tubes of color then the bottle of oil and big tube of Titanium White.  I proceeded to paint.

When I finished, I took photos and cleaned my two brushes.  As I was writing my post for wetcanvas and listing my art tools I realized I had mixed my media.  It didn't matter, they mix fine.  The paints I chose were Artisan's Water Mixable oils for the colors and M. Graham walnut oils for the titanium white and the oil to use as a medium.  I meant to only get out the M. Graham walnut oils because the others have a linseed oil base.  I am allergic to linseed oil ... it gives me a headache.  I usually use the Artisan oils outside so the linseed won't bother.

I took the painting outside to dry along with the leftover paper towels and paper palette.  Hopefully I will escape without a headache.  I was painting for about an hour and a half, but not much paint out for the small painting.

West Texas
Oil on canvas panel, 10 x 8 inches

The photos for the challenge were put up by KreativeK.  She lives in Big Spring, Texas.  Maybe you would like to paint with us, check out the challenge here:

The Southwest and Western forum is another group of artists that paint, sketch, sculpt and share with no pressure.  Nice folks from around the globe.

As I was putting the painting on the porch, I showed it to Gene, my art critic.  He immediately says, "Where are the power lines?"  Am I getting forgetful and old or what?  I was wondering why I didn't have the small bottles of Graham oil and medium together with the colors, too.  Sigh........

The painting has suggestions of power lines now.  Maybe I will take another photo after it sets and dries a bit.  Oils always look better after the paint settles.

Hunting 504 and More

Todays sketches were done mostly around the lake on my walk.  I was gone about 50 minutes so I sketched about 20 minutes.  Back at the house, I sketched the new potted plant.  I had to get one, I have sketched the geranium umpteen times.

Sketches are in the small travel sketchbook, Canson, with some Micron 01 pens.  The red was a Splash brush pen.

Number 6, bridge - the first bridge on the walking trail

Number 7, skyline - no big city skylines here.  This is the firehouse from one of the new benches.  (The red was a spot from closing the book too soon .. flower rub off.)

Number 8, potted plant - The blooms are closed in the morning and they were just opening.  The cattails are interesting and a bonus sketch.

***  **  ***  **  ***

If you didn't see this on facebook or twitter you will really enjoy this video.  Duane Keiser was one of the first painting a day artists.  Some of his work is so much fun.  This is about a 4 minute video.  It will make you smile and be amazed.  Inspiring.  Where does the wine go??  Gene must have been helping and drank it.


Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Hunting Red Pastel Sketch

Painting red is fun.  And painting red with pastels, wow!  These cherries are sketched on a piece of Pastelbord, 5 x 7 inches.  The sketch took about 35 minutes to complete.  If it had been painted larger there would have been more time to play in the redness.  Shoulda thought of that!

For Scavenger Hunt 504

Number 4, red with the challenge to paint the shadow

Saying shoulda reminds me of a Susan Gibson song.  You can listen here on


If you get a chance to see Susan .. do it!  She is a fabulous song writer and person.  Hey, she is in Whitefish, Montana, tonight!


Monday, July 17, 2017

Sketches Hunt 504

I sketched in the big coffee table sketchbook with the Micron 01 for Scavenger Hunt 504.

Number 2, a peek in your closet - This is the art closet.  It needs organizing, I can't get in there!
Number 3, cold weather clothing - hard to think about when it is 100 degrees out.  Gene's lined leather gloves.

Well, off to do paper work.  Anything not to paint ......

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