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Friday, April 21, 2017

Walkin' and Sketchin'

Yesterday was a good day for a walk.  We didn't walk around the lake as it was still pretty wet.  "Horse" was on Scavenger Hunt 493 http://www.wetcanvas.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1426050 list as well and I thought our neighborhood horse would probably be home.

Gene walked farther along the road while I sketched.  He is pretty patient about my sketching.

Number 5, outside - must have been coffee time at one neighbors
Number 6, other means of transportation - single horse trailer.  It looks so small and claustrophobic!
Number 7, green and growing - pine tree with ivy (probably poison ivy) growing on it and some ferns down in the left
Number 8, horse - the dark gray which moved the instant I put the first line!  The paint, brown and white, was grazing.

Number 9, dog - these weren't out when we went by, but found us on the way back.  Very ferocious barking with their tails wagging big time!

We also saw this rat snake.  Supposedly they try to make you think they are rattlers by dragging their tail.  It looked bad, whatever it is.

Easter Sunday we went to Greune Hall with Joanna to see Susan Gibson.  You need to go to a show, she is amazing.  http://www.susangibson.com/
 She was giving out plastic Easter eggs with a tip or purchase and Gene and I both won a CD with our eggs.  We were pleased to get them!

There haven't been as many roadside blues this year and this is the first photo I posted.  These are on the way to Austin.

These are the little wooden deer I posted a sketch of previously.  You can see the mirror, too.  The little outhouse has a hanger string on it.  I guess it is a Christmas ornament???  I'm not sure where it came from.  The deer belonged to Mom Frances.  The mirror was in the house.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Sketches and Links

I sketched in the big sketchbook with the Micron Pen 01.  It is nice out and we will go for a walk.  Horse is on the list so I may take a few minutes to sketch the neighborhood horse or horses.  Sometimes there are two there.  Maybe we will see a real dog as well, I usually sketch the toy animals here in the house.

These were done freehand in a quick manner.  Evil grin!

Number 1, fancy frame - copper frame in the guest bath
Number 2, deer - some tiny wooden deer carved that were Mom Frances'.
Number 3, old fashioned - potato masher, this masher is good to break up hamburger when you are cooking it.  Much easier than using a spoon.  Of course, it has to be in a pan that won't scratch with the metal.
Number 4, pretty lidded container - glass jar that usually holds chocolates

                                                             *** ** *** ** ***

Happy Birthday to Roger!  Roger is Gene's little brother that lives in Arizona.  Hope he has a great day!

                                                               *** ** *** ** ***

Jeanette Jobson, artist friend from the internet, is way up in Newfoundland in Canada.  She paints all sorts of things and is a super sketcher, too.  She was out taking photos and captured the icebergs.  I have never seen one, so found this interesting.  Look at some of her fascinating techniques while you are on her blog.


*** ** *** ** ***

arttutor.com has art courses and so much good info.  I like this post today of painting a dog in watercolor.  Cute and not hard, I may just try this:


Have fun.  More later .......

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Coffee Time Sketch

It is cloudy this morning.  Not hot and pretty nice out.  I thought I would post my sketch before going to sit on the porch.

For Scavenger Hunt 492
Number 9, coffee - sketched on my iPad with Brushes and my fingers

I have to say that I drink quite a bit of coffee.  I have had to drink decaf for quite a few years so I am not as addicted as I once was.  I still enjoy a good cupa!  Gene gets my coffee ready to go in the coffee machine so I just turn it on when I get to the kitchen and by the time I fix my rice cake snack, the coffee is brewed.  I should say our rice cakes.  I have Gene a bit addicted to the snack in the morning.  I put cream cheese, peanut butter, coconut oil and dried cranberries (or raisins or blueberries or bananas) on them.

He has made the coffee for most of our lives.  I tease him that when he travels that I just miss my coffee in the morning, not him!

Yesterday evening I was drinking my coffee and checking Telegram on my iPad while Gene watched the news on TV.  I started sketching my coffee in my glass thermos cup, (thanks, Brandon) and then remembered that "coffee" was on the Hunt list.  Nice.  Gene likes his coffee in a thermos cup to stay hot.  I do not like to drink out of metal or plastic, so I really like these glass mugs.  I prefer any glass/ceramic mug to plastic or metal.  I do like to drink cokes out of cans but that is it.  Hmmm.

A new Scavenger Hunt starts today, better go get the list.

Painting desire, where are you?????

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Bunnies and More Sketches

The days have been so lovely.  Perfect for sketching on the porch.  This Scavenger Hunt 492 has quite a few outdoor items, fits the time slot well.

My sketches were done in the big book with a Micron 01.

Number 6, bunny -  These are a couple that Gene gave me over the years.  I'm pretty sure I have sketched them before.
Number 7, family member - Gene by default.  Not a good sketch.  He does have a "big head" but in a different way.  Ha.
Number 8, from nature - bottom of trees and flowers in the back of the house outside the fence.

The Longhorns lost their baseball game again.  This time 4 - 3.  They were ahead of the Baylor Bears until the 8th inning and the Bears tied it up.  Then they scored a run in the bottom of the 9th and there you are then......  Rats.....  Maybe today!  Hook 'em Horns!!

Friday, April 14, 2017

Great Sketch Idea, Wait, ...No!

One of the items on Scavenger Hunt 492 was egg.  I've sketched them in the carton, out of the carton, raw, etc...  I was thinking Easter eggs, but we didn't have any colored.  Ah, I would cut one of Gene's hard boiled eggs in half.

Well, it was a good idea but very difficult to portray in black and white.  The yolk was not a bright yellow and the white in shadow was almost darker than the yellow.  I suppose you get the idea.  I should have painted it in color with pastels.  Live and learn.

I will post it here anyway, since it is in the big book and there to stay forever....  I used the Micron 01 fine line marker pen.


Number 5, egg - First I cut it in half, that wasn't great so I peeled it.  Worse, but sketched the shell which was a bit better.  

I wonder what my next clever item will be??

The Longhorns are playing Baylor in Waco starting last night.  The three game series set for Thursday, Friday, Saturday so they won't play on Easter Sunday.  The Longhorns lost last night, 6 - 2.  The hitters couldn't get any hits together and the pitchers couldn't get 3 outs together.  Sigh......  Better luck this evening.  Hook 'em Horns!! 

Tomorrow is the Empty Bowl in Smithville.  The bowls are decorated with birds and there is a raffle of an Enid Wood painting.  Check it out.  http://www.smithvilleemptybowl.com/
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