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Friday, August 26, 2016

463 Sketches and New Mexico Photos

We are now in Albuquerque after our quiet time in Chimayo.  I sketched in Chimayo and here in Albuquerque for Scavenger Hunt 463.  http://www.wetcanvas.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1411223

Number 1, the Chimayo cloth under the flower pot

Number 2, hinge
Number 3, guilty pleasure - wine
Number 4, handle
Number 5, lamp shade
Number 6, fingernail
Number 7, something I use daily - iPad
Number 8, electrical - coffee maker
Number 9, something for measuring
Number 10, number something - 2.50 glasses, I was wishing I had a six shooter!

Number 11 relaxing - I used markers, Micron 03 and watercolor to finally make this acceptable to post.

Number 12, towel, Number 13, soap
Number 14, animal
Number 15, dryer lint in trash can
Number 16, tool - power sprayers for water hose

It is always so relaxing in Chimayo with a minimum of communication with the "outside" world.  We had our birthday dinner and visited old haunts.

 Spanish Peaks near Walsenburg, Colorado.

Our room at Rancho de Chimayo

Afternoon view from our deck.

Rain and hail in the patio area.

A bit of highway flooded out on the way to Española.
Inside La Paragua, a favorite restaurant in Española.  I thought they were getting ready to make tortillas on the wood stove, but they were just warming the room after the cool rain.

This sign in Espaõla makes us smile and we wave.

A territoral style house, I like to see in New Mexico.  Similar is style to the Rancho de Chimayo.

This was north of Taos, around Questa.  Beautiful skies!!

Three in Santa Fe on the way to Albuquerque.  The buildings have to have a pueblo/territorial flair to them by ordinance.

Sun clouds near Chimayo.
Clouds in Albuquerque along with some Art in Public Places.

Very close encounter.

The balloon that almost landed in the yard in Albuquerque as it went by.


Saturday, August 20, 2016

Colorado Mountain High, Photos, Sketches, Pastel Plein Air

We traveled from Walden to Colorado Springs and have been hanging out here for a while.  Moving back to New Mexico tomorrow.  We will be staying in a favorite spot for a few days with no phone, internet or TV.  Can you believe it?  We went there to celebrate my birthday in September when we left Angel Fire.  This year we will celebrate my birthday early and Gene's birthday a bit early, too.

I thought I'd better post my sketches and painting and be up to date.  Sketches are for Scavenger Hunt 462.  http://www.wetcanvas.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1410719

Number 15, seasonal - camper trailer
Number 16, glass- the ball on the wind catcher and leaves on the mobile

Number 17, plastic - pan
Number 18, man made - birdhouse
Number 19, entry - gate
Number 20 - paper lantern

Number 21, hard - stepping stones with inlaid scraps of pottery
Number 22, gift - cookies from our landlady in Colorado Springs and a tomato from her garden.  We got cucumbers, squash, strawberries, raspberries, too.
Number 23, textured - wicker chair
Number 24, mineral - iron rust on the wall/fence sculpture

Gene and Aviee counting.  She kept telling him he didn't know how to count.

Walden to Colorado Springs, beautiful mountains, rain and sky.  The runaway truck ramp was scary.  Some tourist had stopped there to take a photo or change drivers.  What if a truck had problems??  A car in the path to stop.  Yikes....  I was so shocked I didn't take a photo. 

 The remains of Stapleton International Airport in Denver where I worked.

The house we lived in in Denver, Colorado.

 The neat patio at our rental in Colorado Springs.

Gene's sister Virginia came to sky dive with Gene.  They did that near Canyon City on Thursday.

 The divers loading up.

 In the air.


 Back on solid ground!

Last night, Friday, we surprised our good friends, Byrd and Street.  (byrdandstreet.com) They were performing at Kinfolks in Manitou Springs, Colorado.

Not a bad photo in the dark on my phone.  The show was super.  Nice folks.

This morning Virginia and I went to the Garden of the Gods again to walk.  I did my short mile, Virginia walked about 5 miles while I painted.  We had a great time, such a beautiful place.

 Scenes from Garden of the Gods.

 My painting,  9 x 12 pastels, the color is off, it is early morning and a bit more rosey.

Hey, I painted!  That was fun and such a beautiful morning.  It was about 60 degrees while we were there.

We will be out of pocket.  I will check in when we get internet again. 

Monday, August 15, 2016

Busy in Colorado, Sketches, Photos

We are in Walden.  The balloons came up again yesterday morning.  Gene and Rex worked on the hay.  Midday, I went to the camp.  It was lots of fun.  I will post more about that next time.  I tried to post these sketches yesterday but was not successful.  Internet and phones are not great out in the boonies as you know.
Gene's iPhone went out when we were in Cheyenne.  Simply Mac ordered him a replacement and one of Kris' daughters picked it up for us on Friday.  Saved us a trip back to Cheyenne.

I sketched some more of Kris' stuff in the sketchbook with the Micron 02.

For Scavenger Hunt 462, out of order, but you can't be picky.
Number 13, rubber - tires on the tractor and trailer.  Are tires still made of rubber?
Number 14, keepsake - the iron stove on the deck, still used as a chiminea.

Number 11, vegetable - some onions
Number 12, plastic - the glasses and plates on the shelf.  Red and blue.  Do you think Kris and I are related.  She has red and blue, flags, etc, all over.  It is fun to see all the "stuff".

 Rex and Gene working on the hay.

 They stayed busy all day.

Some interesting rock formations on the way between Cheyenne and Walden, on the Wyoming side.

We are seeing if Gene can help Rex more today or if we will be leaving.  I will post about that later, too.  Hope you have a good week.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Camping? Sketches

We are at my cousins in Walden, Colorado.  They have a family reunion and go camping.  We go to the campsite and visit and eat, then come back to their house and sleep in a bed and have our showers, coffee, etc.  It was about 31 degrees F. at the site last night. I was happy to be snug and warm.  The kids all love it and try to be tougher than the other one, I guess.

Of course I didn't take photos.  Crazy.

I sketched early this morning on the deck.  I sketched in the regular sketchbook with the Micron 02 and some watercolor.  They had a hot air balloon lift off.  It was calm and beautiful.

For Scavenger Hunt 462  http://www.wetcanvas.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1410719
Number 9, exit - the balloons flying away.  Ten was a pretty good number for this small town.
Number 9, to do with a body of water - A mermaid salt and pepper set
It is fun to draw some knick knacks that I haven't done before.  Kris' house is full of antiques and odd found items.

 The balloons across the way.  We didn't have to go to town to see them.

Rex was raking and baleing hay, trying to beat the rain, so is missing much of the reunion.  Gene helped him some today.  Hopefully I will get a couple of photos.

 Looking toward the mountains, you can see the flags are at attention in the wind.

Their house from across the field.  More mountains in the back.  It is beautiful here, now.  I cannot imagine the winters....  Yikes!  There is a big forest fire up north of town about 25 miles away.  It will burn for a while as there are many dry trees that have died from beetles.  It needs to get really cold for a month or so to kill them.

We will be here a couple more days.  More down the road.....
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