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Friday, June 02, 2023

Last of Hunt 70

Scavenger Hunt 70 ends tomorrow or today, June 3.  It is almost midnight.  This is my last sketch for the Hunt.  I went for groceries yesterday and had to be back but wanted to get "Public" done.  I thought the Library would be perfect for that.  I forgot my sketchbook of course so sketched on a coaster with a ballpoint pen.  Therefore, it was small, quick and messy.

For Scavenger Hunt 70


I didn't number it and forgot when I numbered the next sketch so this is Number 11, three things in public - the Bastrop Public Library and the flags.  Only two things really you can't really tell what any of it looks like.  The library building is white limestone with metal roofing.  The flags are the US Flag and the Texas Flag.

Today I did a bit better.  I sketched in the large Canson mix media sketchbook with a Micron 03


Number 10  book you just or plan to read - Carol Marine's Daily Painting book.  It is so good and full of ideas for painting and marketing.  

Carol Marine is excellent at painting and teaching.  She is generous with her information.  She and her husband started to sell her work and now have many artists there.  She has some free tutoring videos and some that are very inexpensive.  The site is a great one for artists that paint a lot.  You can make your own domain name, have auctions, connect to blogs and newsletters.  There are contests and challenges.  I recommend it. and

She lived in Bastrop for a while before the fire.  We were always going to get together but when I was here she was traveling teaching workshops and when she was here, we were in New Mexico or traveling elsewhere.  After the big Bastrop fire burned their home, too, they moved to Oregon and now live in Montana.  She doesn't do workshops very often now so if you see one you should try it out.  She is mostly an oil painter but her advice is good for any painter.

Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Scissors and Fob Sketches

Fob is a word we don't think of so much.  The item on the list is "starts with F".  I have sketched the keys many times but now with a new description.  The fob is to find my keys.  I need to resign on to the app, it seems to be gone from my phone.  Always, always needing to update apps.  A real pain!!  Do you remember when we could go a year or so without learning something new?  I'm really surprised my phone is still working.  Oops, I probably jinxed that.

For Scavenger Hunt 70

Number 8 (perhaps) Scissors- my studio desk scissors with clear handles with pink edges.  Of course I brushed off some lint before the pink was dry, spreading around the love....

Number 9, Starts with F - fob on my keys.  Have sketched the keys a lot but not as "fob".  



Spring wild flowers are plentiful.  I like the Indian Blankets and the yellow Mexican Hats.  There are some tiny purple flowers in the upper left of the second that are so cute.  No idea what they are.



Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Green, Red, Numbers in Pastel

Some pastel fun for the Hunt.  Green, red and numbers were items on the list.  I love painting red in pastels.  That inspired me to play in the dust.  I wiped off the last sketch and worked on the recycled Pastelbord, 8 x 10 inches.

For Scavenger Hunt 70

Number 5 green - the old bottle of Hatch Green Chile wine from Roger.
Number 6 red - the red salt shaker, I broke the pepper shaker.  Drat.
Number 7 something with numbers - clock that projects the time on the ceiling or wall

The setup:

Boy, I really need to clean up my studio.  I used the pile of pastels I had on the easel.  That is so wrong from every angle.  One thing it does is keep my work in the same palette.  That is good to have consistency in your work. 

If my studio was in order, I might ... might ... paint more.  That is one of the hints other painters give, to have your surface and paints ready to go.  That is a big reason I like pastels.  I can leave them ready.  I don't have to clean brushes, get out paint, keep it wet.  I can walk away and come back any time.  I can go back to this sketch any time and develop it into a finished painting.  If my easel had been ready to go with fresh sorted pastels, it might have only taken about 40 minutes.  As it was, I was at it for a little over an hour.

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