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Friday, November 16, 2018

Learning in Spite

Have you stopped learning?  Oops... not an option.

As artists, we are always learning.  Every time we pick up a brush, pen or other art tool and make a stroke we learn something new.  We learn in spite of ourselves.  So many things go into a painting.  Composition, color, value, design, shapes, light, technique, perspective both in design and aerial.  And the list can go on. 

Then we have the medium chosen.  Sometimes the subject calls  for pastel - real hands on.  Once in a while for oil beckons us to smoosh the paint around.  Ink is fast and immediate, not much turning back.

Now in the watercolor class patience is required.  It will come through practice and experience in the medium.

Artists learn from listening, watching and doing.  Absorbing what goes on around us helps a great deal.  It is good to create with friends, visit museums and try new things.  Everyday items can be beautiful.  Workshops are a good source of learning.  We need to choose wisely and then practice what we learn and use what works for us. 

Teaching someone else is learning, too.  Teaching reminds the teacher why he/she does something in a certain way.  We are inspired by the imagination and creativity of student artists.

How do you learn and what is your favorite medium? 

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I sketched for Scavenger Hunt 564.  http://www.wetcanvas.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1456765
Number 7, yogurt and Number 8, little - a little brass box with a porcelain inlaid top.  I bought this and a larger one and a porcelain box to paint in a still life several years ago.  Have I done it?  No.  They will call to me one of these days.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Hunt 564 Sketch

I have two small watercolor sets for sketching and some brushes that hold water.  Very handy for going out and about.  I used one of those today.  Much faster for me and for a sketch without worrying about a plan for a painting or a palette.  There are 12 colors including black and white.  No options for which blue to use, etc. Just mix what is there.

For Scavenger Hunt 564  http://www.wetcanvas.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1456765

Number 6, couch  I did get close to the edge of the paper, eh?  If I would tear it out on the tear line, it would leave the corner of the couch in the sketchbook.    I used  the 7 x 10 inch travel sketchbook.  It is a Canson Mix Media book and takes watercolor pretty well for sketching.  I added the ink which I like for sketching.

I pointed you to Kelly Borsheim, sculptor/painter the other day.  I just got her newsletter which is like reading a book but full of information and tips.  She is a prolific writer and teacher as well as being a great artist.  The link to her newsletter is
You can learn and read back issues and sign up to receive it as well.  Her brother, Steve, has a Air B&B in Hickory, North Carolina, and it is full of Kelly's art.  There is a link from her newsletter, you can stay there and see her beautiful sculptures and paintings.  Photos in the newsletter.

Kelly has an interesting post way back in 2002 titled "I Don't Know Much About Art".  It is about what to think when people say that and then say, "But I like this."

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Tapping My Fingers....

Yep, I was tapping my fingers waiting for paint to dry.  Why does that bother me so much.  I could do something while I wait, right?  I just want to get on with it I guess.

My homework was to use different palettes for the watercolor practice.  I worked about 2 hours on these four small sketches.  I wanted different shapes, but did not try to get into the textures of the box and not much on the shiny glass.   I didn't worry too much about the drawing either.  I might have spent a whole day on one!

The first is a Tetrad of violet, blue green, yellow and red orange.
The second is analogous, yellow orange, yellow, yellow green, green and blue green

The glass is blue, a wooden box and a red apple with lots of green and yellow.   I couldn't get the glass very blue with these palettes.  Great for the apple and box.

This was split complementary of red, yellow green and blue green.
And the last was monochromatic.

I used this for Scavenger Hunt 564, Number 5, glass.

It is good to think of ways to use different palettes.  I am prone to using the three primary colors when I can.  So this challenges me in two ways:  to use a different palette and to practice mixing colors.  Mixing is a bit like mixing oils or pastels, but sometimes there is a surprise.....

I have class today, so better get with it.

It is our winter today.  26 degrees F this morning.  We had some frost and steam on the lake.  Brrr.  Hopefully this is our coldest week of winter and we will get back to the 60s next week.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Odd Still Life Sketch

I sketched about 9:00 a.m., pretty early today (for me) in the big coffee table book.  A Prismacolor 05 was the tool of choice.  The three items make an odd still life.

For Scavenger Hunt 564  http://www.wetcanvas.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1456765

Number 2, pepper - some small hot dried Chile de Arbol (I think that is the name).  I use them to add heat to mild or medium red chile.  They look a lot like the peppers used in Chinese dishes.
Number 3, umbrella - small. pink and black
Number 4, egg carton - half of one we use for hard boiled eggs.

It is cold and gloomy.  The high is expected to be 43 degrees F today.  The normal for now would be about 65.  Brrr.  Of course it is nice and warm in the house and we don't have to go anywhere today.

It is our grandson's, Cole's,  birthday tomorrow and also his son's, Oliver's,  or our great grandson's.  They had Oliver's birthday party on Saturday and it was a train themed party with him dressed in overalls and had.  So cute.  I found this sketch I did several years ago on my iPhone or iPad and printed it for Oliver's birthday card.

So Happy Birthday to the boys, Cole and Oliver!

I bought a handmade card for Cole on Saturday at the Veterans Day Market.  I should have taken a photo.  It had a map and an airplane on it with Happy Birthday on a banner behind the plane.  It was only $1.  I don't think you can make a card for a dollar can you?  It had a lovely envelope to match.  I bought another from the same vendor with flowers on it.  It was $5.  Not sure why it was more.

I hope to get a bit of watercolor homework done today.  Still working on my color charts.  I didn't have raw sienna or naples yellow so made my own.  Takes so much longer.  I ordered some paint from Dick Blick but it will not arrive on time for my lesson this week.

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Veterans, Kilt Sketch

We went to the Veterans Ceremony, car show and parade (well Veterans walk) yesterday. Made me smile when I saw the gentleman that was piping in the Colors and Veterans. Wearing a kilt! I took out my sketchbook but only had a couple of minutes before they marched off. Normally I guess I only see a kilt once a year. "Kilt" was on the last Scavenger Hunt list.  Missed by a few days.  Dang. 

The Ceremony in Bastrop is always very nice.  They had about 350 classic cars which are judged.  We didn't hear which ones won.  There were about 50 - 75 Veterans.  The Color Guard was from Bastrop High School.  Speeches by the vets and more awards.  The Navy award winner also was the chaplain for the benedictions. 

There is food and the Open Air Craft Market was open.  Lots of folks taking it in.  My pictures aren't great but here are a few.

 Color Guard with Piper

Some of the Vets

They ask the Vets to stand from each branch of the service, here are a few in my view.


 Gene, for Air Force


 Awards given out for Veterans of the Year presented by Willie Pina on the left.
The flyover for the veterans that have passed away or missing.  Gene thinks it was a B46.  The plane flew over twice with a moment of silence in the middle and taps was played during that time.

Dallas Wayne was the Master of Ceremonies

And a few of the cars, can you guess which paint job I liked? 

I like the red Mustang a lot, too.  I always wanted one.

There was a silent auction.  As we were leaving, Gene suggested I bid on something.  It was about 12:30 p.m. and there wasn't much bidding on some of the items, so I bid on about 6.  I figured the folks would come back and overbid my bids as it closed at 3:00 p.m.

We went to lunch at Guadalajara and when we were about half way home, Gene's phone rang.  We had "won" one of the auction items.  We went back and Gene stayed in the car to nap.  I walked back and as I was getting ready to pay, Gene called and said they called about another item.  Yep, I "won" some more.  About $300 worth of stuff.  One was a Doggy Bag.  It had a small pillow, a blanket, a dog toy, a plastic container for food, a toy truck and a wicker bed.  Obviously for a tiny dog and was $110 of the total bids I had made. 

As I finished paying and was trying to figure out how to carry all my stuff back to the car, a man came up and said in a disappointed voice, "Oh, you won the doggy bag."
"Yes, " I said, "Had you bid on it?"
"I did, I really wanted that.  What was the final bid?" he asked.
"$110," I said.
"I'll give you $120!" he blurted out.
"Sold!" I said.

He paid me with cash and I donated the $10 profit and $10 more to the gentleman giving away poppies for the VFW.  So a win, win all around!  We certainly didn't need a doggie bag!

It was a cloudy and cool day, but was well attended and we had a good time.

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