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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Pastel Sketch Check Up

After my in home critic (you know who) said that the cup was floating in my sketch from yesterday, I gave it a check up.  The cup sort of seemed to sit on the edge of the cup.  Late last night I went in and made the cup longer and slightly changed the plate.  It seems to sit better on the little plate.  I didn't want to put to much time in the sketch as it will be a wipe off so that I can use that piece of paper yet again.  

You can see how a small change can affect a painting or drawing.

Original sketch with the cup floating.

The same sketch where I just lowered the bottom of the cup.  It does sit better on the plate.

When we paint, we sometimes stay with it too long and keep looking at something and our eye corrects it in our minds.  We see what we expect to see.  Some ways to give your paintings a check up:

  • Go away from the painting for some time.  Turn it to the wall or just don't look at it.  Let it "steep".
  • Come back and quickly turn it upside down and look at it.
  • Take a snapshot and look at it in black and white, you can see your lights and darks.
  • Many things show up just in the snapshot
  • Look at it in a mirror.
  • Look at it in a low light to check your contrasts, light and darks.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Hunt 481 Pastel Sketch

My studio is a mess after the holidays.  We use my table for wrapping and doing any other work so we don't have to bend over.  It is a great place.  I cleared enough room for some sketching with my pastels.

Before I started, I got out some corn meal.  I put each group of loose pastels in a bowl with the corn meal, scooted them around with my fingers.  Then drained the mixture through a colander into another bowl.  Presto,  clean pastels in the colander and put them back in their holder.  I did not take time to clean the holding bins but at least I can see what colors I have.

I wanted to sketch with my pastels while I had a bit of time.  I used the same old paper from the corner sketch a few days ago.  Wiped it off and wet it.  I just left the stains for the background.  I worked about 40 minutes.  Not a painting, but used the pastels.

For Scavenger Hunt 481  http://www.wetcanvas.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1419758
Number 9, cup
Number 10, plate
Number 11, dish - butter dish
Number 12, knife
Number 13, cutting board (challenge with food)

Don't know if you can tell that it is cloudy and damp out my window.  Temp in the high 50s today, but cold with the dampness.  We have had about an inch of rain here at the house in the last three days.

Now maybe I will clean off the top of my real desk.  That would help my disposition, right?  No telling what I will find there.  I even thought my tri-pod might have been there under papers.  Ha.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Lost Day Sketch

The excitement of painting, sketching and going out to be with other artists must have been the cause of why I missed posting on January 13.  Maybe it was because of Friday 13.  It was a lost day for posting.

I did sketch in the big book with a still life of several items.  I used the sort of sepia colored Micron 005 and worked at the dining room table.

For Scavenger Hunt 481 http://www.wetcanvas.com/forums/showthread.php?p=21005559

Number 2, paper - napkins
Number 3, rock - a little rock saved from North Carolina
Number 4,  plastic - pepper container
Number 5, glass - butter dish
Number 6, wood - carved wooden grapes from Ecuador (a gift)

As you see, I posted the pastel out of order in the previous post.  It should be Number 7.

Out and About Again - Pastel Abstract

Another outing with pastel artists yesterday.  Enid Wood www.enidwood.com gave a class for branching out in color with abstracts.  It was good to be with six other artists.  The time flies and we had a good time.  I met two new to me artists.

The day started off weird.  I went to pack my bag which already had my plein air easel top and pastels.  Nice.  I put in some small pastel paper in pads and looked for my ATC, art trading cards.  I could not find them.  I stuck in a pastel board, 5 x 7 that I had been playing with the Pan Pastels on.  The idea was to work in miniature sizes.

Where was my water spray bottle??  No where to be found,  I had seen it recently so I know it is here someplace.  I put in Jennie's spray bottle she left here for a substitute.

The tripod part of the easel was next.  Where was it?  It weighs about 6 pounds I would imagine and is about 16 inches long and 4 inches in diameter when folded.  It doesn't just fit in a drawer or behind a piece of paper.  Not anywhere in the corners or closet in my studio.  In the closet with the spare jackets and old French easel?  No.  Hall closet?  No.  Our closet in the bedroom? No.  Garage with the folding chairs and things from our trip?  No.  Shoot, I must have left it in Silver City but Mitzy would have called.  Maybe the hotel in Big Bend?  I hadn't used it so weird to have left it someplace on the way home.

Finally took the easel part out of the bag and put in a couple boxes of pastels and was off to paint in Smithville ... without an easel.  I could have taken my old watercolor easel, but I was not happy by then and it was getting late ....

The first part of the class was to abstract the shadows of our subject.  Enid brought some clementines and put them on an orange napkin.  My favorite color, right?  Not even!   I worked on the Pastelbord and put a tape across to make it into two miniatures.  They look weird together.

You can see the space down the center where I had the tape.

Abstract shadows in dark and light, any colors.

Using 3 main values.  Added the very dark for shape and to sit the clementines on the cloth.  Sprayed a bit of water for texture when all was done.

I divided a piece of pastel mat into fourths. and did them in order so as to not get my hand on a finished one.  The other board I turned upside down to do each half.

The first two are just colors I like together, again trying for value changes more than color.  I had no reference, just strokes and color.  The third, blue and brown is trees by our lake.  Again, varying strokes and values.  I put the smaller version of the lake so you see more how it really looks.  What looks pinkish here was really a more beige of the paper.  This was my favorite, probably because it is from something real.  ???

The fourth was going to be an abstract of Enid's bag on the floor.  It was purple but I didn't have 4 values in the right colors so made it blue with the 4 values.  It came out more realistic so I'm using it for Scavenger Hunt 481.  http://www.wetcanvas.com/forums/showthread.php?p=21005559
Number 2, on the floor

I won't become an abstract artist anytime soon, but just playing with color is not all bad, especially because pastel is fast and I like color!

Oh, and I found my tripod part of the easel this morning.  I put it in a bag that an old folding table for camping had been in, reusing the bag.  Why didn't I think of that yesterday even when I went and looked with the chairs?  It was with the folding chairs in the garage. Yay!!

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Out and About Sketching

Going out with fellow artists is good for your heart.  I met up with Pomona Hallenbeck today. http://www.sketchboxstudio.com/ We have known each other for most of the time we have lived in Bastrop.  She spends winters here and teaches watercolors in Austin.  In the summer she goes to Ghost Ranch in New Mexico and teaches there.  Besides art, we have New Mexico in common.  She was born in Roswell, New Mexico, where our son was born.  Are they aliens??  Hmmm.

We met for coffee and went to the new Lost Pines Art Center for that.  We followed up with lunch at Neighbors, where we sat out and sketched in the Crossing.  It was a good day.

I'll stretch the sketch to fit Scavenger Hunt 481 http://www.wetcanvas.com/forums/showthread.php?p=21005559#post21005559

Number 1, from the earth - trees, plants, rocks

The Crossing

Sketch Challenge

One of the challenges on Scavenger Hunt 480  http://www.wetcanvas.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1419226  was to sketch the view out a window and then sketch the same window but with the view back inside.  I did the view out sketch as my first on this Hunt.  It was in the 30s for a few days so didn't get the challenge done.  It is supposed to get up to 80 today so I went on the porch and sketched.  I left room next to the first one, so that is where it is in the sketchbook.  Finally!  It is the last day of the Hunt.  Made the deadline.

The challenge of sketching the same view in the window.  I tried to show the dark part as the view in the house and my reflection and the trees were lighter.  Hard to do in black and white.

Previously posted view out.  Interesting that the new sketch is brighter.  Evidently I scanned it and took a photo of this one.  I couldn't scan them together because of where they sit on the page in the big book.  I can only scan half a page and these are above center.  Big difference in the lighting, eh?

***  ********   ********  ***

If you still aren't following Alyson Stanfield for help with the business side of your art and other ideas for organizing and such, this article today is a good one about sticking to your boundaries:
 I am so bad about going off to do something else.  Wash clothes or dishes, TV, internet, etc.  I should listen!!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Shoulda, woulda, coulda......

My studio has been so unused.  My iMac is in here or I might not have come in my studio for days.

Of course, I have tried many of the hints and ideas for getting myself back into painting.  One idea I read yesterday was to just go in your studio.  Hmmm, I have been doing that.   Another is to start something and spend just a few minutes at it.  The idea is to do a little every day until you just can't stop.

I am supposed to have everything ready to go as a way of just walking in with no plan.  My studio is a mess but I had an old sketch on a piece of Colourfix paper.  I wiped that off and just decided to do my sketch for today.  You can see the dark grayish undertone.  The green under the curtains is supposed to be outside through the sheers.  I spent about 30 minutes on it.  Maybe I shoulda, woulda, coulda have started on a clean piece of paper.  Hey, it's a start!

Scavenger Hunt 480  http://www.wetcanvas.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1419226
Number 8, corner of room - my studio
Number 9, door (in this case half of the door, it opens in the middle)

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