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Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Pastel Day and Watercolor Sketch. What?

 The Austin Pastel Society had their monthly meeting here in Bastrop on Sunday.  It was live and in person.  They also put some of it on Zoom and if you have facebook and are a member you can see more on the facebook page.  Info on the website at

It was so wonderful to get together with other artists.  I got to see old friends and meet some new artists and art supporters as well.  The painting artists were Suzanne Malesovas,  Joycelyn Schedler, Julia Fletcher, Neva Rossi-Smoll and Alan Ehrlich.  Each painted in their own styles.  They finished a painting in an hour.

I was slightly disappointed that in past years the paint around had the five artists starting a painting, then after 10 minutes move to the next painting for 10 minutes and ending back at the painting they started to "finish and clean up" what the other artists did.  I missed the excitement of that format.

It was interesting to see the artists and watch their techniques and different use of pastels and surfaces.  I can always learn something new.  It definitely makes me want to get out and paint with other artists.

It was a warm afternoon, but so nice in the shade with plenty of room to walk around and get a good view.

There was a silent auction of the paintings to support the APS scholarship fund.  I bid on Joycelyn's painting, the middle photo.  I "won" it as they say.  It is fun to have original paintings by an artist/friend.

Joycelyn's painting.  It is at Lost Maples, Texas.


Thanks to the APS crew that put the day together. Volunteers deserve awards.   I have missed the social side of art.  And a good time was had by all......

Today started as a nice fall day in Bastrop.  It was 58 degrees F.  (Of course it will be about 90 degrees later.)  I sketched on the porch with watercolors.

For Scavenger Hunt from Life 39  Number 6 - paintbrush

I sketched with a pencil, added watercolor and then the ink.  I prefer sketching freehand with the ink first.  This was an experiment.  I was not going to ad ink, but I like watercolor and ink sketches so just had to add the ink.

Saturday, September 24, 2022

Quick Box Sketch

 Not much to this.  Mostly for my records of the Scavenger Hunts.  Hope you are having a swell weekend.

Number 5, box - full of bubble wrap.  I received some DVDs of Richard McKinley from an online friend, CaliAnn.  Such a sweet gift.  Thanks, CaliAnn/

Hummingbirds were out in force this morning.  Will post a photo and video.

Hope you are having a swell weekend.

Friday, September 23, 2022

Eye Doctor Sketch

We were in Austin to take Gene's trike for a tuneup and go to his eye doctor.  All good.  We should pick up the trike tomorrow. 

I sketched for Scavenger Hunt from Life

Number 3 cactus - subbed the huge aloe vera plant.  That seems to be very popular in doctors offices at the moment.
Number 4 chair

The wall hanging is a TV which is probably used for advertising but it wasn't on.  The tower through the window is eyeglasses not a building outside.  LOL  I think it looks a little like that now that I scanned my sketch.  

I find that the plant is a snake plant.  Aloe vera has much thicker and shorter leaves from what I can tell.

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