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Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Ink 27 and Hunt 699

Time flies, they say (Gene always asks, "Who is they?"), when you are having fun.  Inktober is drawing to a close.  I think that is a good thing.

We went to dinner at a small local Thai Restaurant, Jasmine's.  It is pretty average.  We had Pad Thai with shrimp and vegetables with beef and Jasmine tea.  The front windows, and probably the side windows, were dirty.  That always makes me cringe.  Everything else seemed clean.  Why don't they wipe down the door?  Anyway they had mugs for our tea and that reminded Gene of my cup sketches so I did a very quick sketch on a coaster.  I misspelled Jasmine's.  Poor planning and no more coasters. I just misspelled, misspelled, too. Sigh...

For Scavenger Hunt 699 - you can always click on the images to see them a bit larger.
Number 3, cup - Jasmine's

This morning I sketched at the dining table.  It was wet on the porch.  We had what is supposed to be the last rain of the month.  It is cooler, too.

The top little car is for Inktober Day 27 - Spark, a Chevrolet Spark, from a photo.  We only have Ford's in our house.  Micron 02 and Inktense.

For the Hunt, Number 4 can - I chose a crushed juice can ready for the recycle.  Micron 02

It is interesting about the misspelling.  We do  a couple of different trivia games.  I always think that spelling, grammar and geography are my best categories.  Is it age?  Spelling is harder ... maybe I just know many more words and can't find the spelling in my brain, eh?  Geography is pretty good still, but there are many country name changes and countries with split ups in Europe and Africa.  I don't study anymore so that is my excuse, uh, reason.  I still like to play, always learn something to quickly forget.

Gene and I thought we were really good on the daily trivia we've playing for years. Now we play with family and Joe from wetcanvas and write our answers down to see results the next day.   We've discovered that when we write down the answers, we aren't as good.  Our minds see what they expect or something like that.

Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Inktober Day 25,26 and Hunt 699

Inktober is winding down, it is already Day 26 out of 31.  Whew!  Scavenger Hunt 699 will be our last Hunt on wetcanvas.  With every Hunt lasting 9 days, that is a lot of hunting days.  The big book is getting near the end as well.  Hoorah!  Maybe I will try new things ... or not.  We shall see.

The prompt for Inktober Day 25 was "splat".  I was at a loss.  Today when I saw Mary's sketch of a bug splattered on the windshield it made me laugh.  Just before I saw it, I realized I could have sketched a person falling down .. Jennie would have liked that!  I made this masterpiece with acrylic ink splattered onto a page in a multimedia sketchbook.


*** *** *** ***

For the last of Scavenger Hunt 698, I sketched in the big coffee table book.

Number 7, Grapes and Number 8, night light.  Drawn with the Lamy Pen shown.


*** *** *** ***

Today for Inktober Day 26, prompt "connect" and Scavenger Hunt 699, Number 1 horizon are in the big book sharing a page.

 I sketch the cords with a Micron 02 and the horizon with the Lamy pen.


It is overcast and will make it into the 80s today.  We have had some great fall weather.


Sunday was beautiful for Longhorn baseball.

This was last Saturday morning.


Sunday, October 24, 2021

More Ink and Hunting

The big book is near finished.  I'm trying to get it finished by Jennie's birthday in November or Christmas.  We shall see.  I doubled up the sketch for Inktober Day 23, leak with Scavenger Hunt 698, quiet.  I used a Micron 02

Inktober Day 23, leak
SH 698, Number 6, quiet - the drip is silent and not easy to notice. Weird.


For Inktober Day 24 - Extinct

Not able to use these sketches for the Scavenger Hunt as Hunt sketches have to be from life.  I could use a toy or sculpture but not photos.  These photos are from the internet from ??  They don't look enough like the photo for copyright problems, I'm pretty sure.

Off to get ready to go the Fall Ball, UT Baskeball game against San Jacinto College.  Hook 'em Horns!  The Longhorns have two or three games in the fall to see the new players.  The season will start probably in February.

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