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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Outlaw Sketch, Not!

There is a challenge in the Southwest and Western Art Forum on wetcanvas.com to sketch notorious outlaws.  There are some really neat sketches there, including Wile E. Coyote.  That is fun.


I am not into making outlaws notorious so decided to draw/sketch Pat Garrett, the sheriff that killed Billy the Kid.  In New Mexico the people have made Billy the Kid into some kind of a hero.  There are businesses named after him, keepsakes to honor him, etc.  He was just a thug, people!  After Pat Garrett killed him, the writers tried to make Garrett out to be an assassin.  Who knows? 

According to Wikipedia, early on Pat Garrett killed a fellow buffalo hunter but was not prosecuted.  He went on then to be a sheriff and hunt down Billy the Kid.  The Kid escaped a couple of times and then Garrett got him.  Guess he wasn't going to let him get away again.  He was several times sheriff and moved back and forth between Texas and New Mexico.  Garrett ended up being killed in an argument over goat herds near Las Cruces, New Mexico, and is buried there with family members.  They weren't sure who killed him.  The other two present blamed each other.  He had to have a special coffin as he was too tall for the standard size.

This is about a 15 minute sketch in the big book with a pencil.  About 5 x 7 inches.  I meant to soften his chin but maybe I was showing his tough chin.

Now to a lighter side.  Scavenger Hunt 522 is only one more day.


I sketched in the big book with a Micron005 as our house cleaners, the Honeybees, were in on Monday.  They have been cleaning for us for about 7 years.  Dependable and great workers.
http://honeybeemaids.com/   They do any kind of cleanup and have connections to a handyman service.

Number 7, duster - our duster of the day, Mirabel

Now I'm off to working on Christmas stuff.  Didn't get much done yesterday, you know why, right?  I'm a professional procrastinator.  Now that I am older it takes so much longer to do things, that I can see I'm way behind last year. 

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Bowl Time - Sketch

Yep, bowl time.  Not football however!  The list for Scavenger Hunt 522
had something blue, red and yellow.  There is lots of red and blue in our house, but very little yellow.  Post It Notes and Gene has yellow and red t-shirts from New Mexico.  I have also sketched so many of the things over and over.  I pulled out some little bowls, red and blue from the Empty Bowl projects and did find a bowl from Mexico that is mostly yellow. 

The sketch was done a couple of days ago with a Micron 01 and colored pencil added.  As you know I have no patience for coloring with pencils, so there you are then.  Wonky bowls and coloring......

Number 4, 5, 6 - something blue, red and yellow

Starting to get my Christmas cards ready and maybe get the tree up this week.

We went to the Post Office and for an early dinner at the Guadalajara yesterday and drove back through town to try and get some Christmas spirit.

Sometimes shadows are very interesting.  Too bad I didn't see this when there was wine in the glass.

Some of the lights on the way home.....

Downtown as we passed through.  More lights than in the past.  Pretty trees in the mirror.

The trees across from the Post Office and the Opera House.

And one of the houses down main street.  More lights than house!

Saturday, December 09, 2017

Snow Day in Bastrop

Yes, folks!  We had a snow day in Bastrop.  Schools and some businesses were closed.  Ice on the roads.  Amazing.  It is the first time we had snow that wasn't just like a layer of frost since we have lived here.  Well, almost.  We had a good one in February, 2011.

Joanna called on Thursday night to ask if it was snowing.  It was!  Huge wet flakes, bigger than most.  So out come the cameras.

What a sight!

We expected it to be gone by morning but we awakened to another surprise.

Panorama of the back yard.

East lake.

Toward west lake, barely see it and bridge.


Out front, with the fence Gene is working on.

Panorama again with the sun peeking out.

Later in mid afternoon.
And this morning.

It is supposed to get up to 62 degrees today, already almost 50 a5 9:45 a.m.  Isn't that a perfect winter?  Jackets, snow photos, some snowmen, snow balls and snow angels.  Then sunshine and t-shirts.  I love it!

I took many more photos, but I will leave it at that.  The melting snow dripped off the trees and roof all day. There was .47 inches in the rain guage.  

I think I might put up the Christmas tree tomorrow.  : )

Thursday, December 07, 2017

Sketches at the Coffee House

Our local Bastrop sketch group met at the local Coffee Dog for our sketching yesterday.  The high today was to be 45 or so and that is not conclusive to sketching outside.  Only three of us showed up, too cold I imagine.  We are not like the Urban Sketchers back in New York or Chicago!  Brrrrr.

I fit my sketches into Scavenger Hunt 522, the new Hunt starting today.


Number 1, seasonal - the Coffee Dog had some decorations up.  Part of the poinsettia was very sad and dead.  I didn't add that in.  Ha.  They had a tree and some other things around.

Number 2, shopping - I could see part of the shopping center out the window.  I wasn't going to put in cars, so added them after the fact.  Not good and out of size, the pickup was closer to the lamp post.  The actual shopping stores aren't in that view either.  So much for that.....

Number 3, comfortable.  The woman was especially enjoying her morning.  She was there as long as we were working on the free wi-fi.  The two boys were having a good time, too.  They did move around a lot!

The guy in the first sketch came over later.  Jane was sketching him and talking to him and told him I sketched him as well.  I only had about 5 minutes or less while he waited for his order.  Turns out he is an artist and so is his wife.

I've been working on a Christmas card.  A bit late, I know.  Nothing new in the life of a procrastinator. . . .

I have one more day of physical therapy.  I'm not sure if it has helped but I ordered a stationary recumbent bike so I can do it at home.  We already have a Total Gym.  Gene has a fit desk but I cannot sit on the regular bicycle seat.  It is a killer!  He loves his Terra-trike for the same reason so he will probably give up the Fit Desk and use my new bike.  That will be OK with me.

Hope you are having success in preparing for the holidays.

Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Lost in Lines and Mistletoe Jam

As you know, I sketch freehand and quickly.  An item on Hunt 521  http://www.wetcanvas.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1438231  was ceiling-scape.  We have the layered ceilings in our house so I picked the dining area.  I'm not good with lines and perspective so I did put a few pencil marks to keep me going.

Number 11 or some such - ceiling scape, in the dining area.  There is the flat ceiling, a drop down, flat and another drop down and flat.  Lovely shadows but hard to show in black and white ink.

****   ***   ****   ***   ****

Sunday evening we went to the Mistletoe Jam.  It is an annual event we sponsor.  Byrd and Street organize it.  The musicians donate their time and the show is super special.  Our Austin kiddos and Elaine, a friend that repairs musical instruments, went with us.  It is at Threadgills South so we eat, visit, and enjoy the music.

The Partnerships for Children benefit from the donations.  They assist the foster care system and help with older children and special needs children to be adopted.  You can read about it and maybe attend one of their events or make a donation.    https://partnershipsforchildren.org/  They are a fine bunch of folks.

 Kathy Street and Tommy Byrd (Byrd and Street) are the organizers.  www.byrdandstreet.com

 Bradley Kopp played with Bob Livingston.

Chip Dolan on keyboard, Dave Scher, Bob Livingston, Betty Soo and Kathy Street.

The Austin Lounge Lizards were there as well.

Such a nice evening and a good cause.
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