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Thursday, December 08, 2016

Cold Sketching 476 and Note

Brrrrr, baby it's cold outside.  37 degrees F on Gene's Weather Bug. (Many more places to check, see below.)  Our couple of days of winter are here.  I will have to bring in the geraniums.  :)  They are used to heat!

I sketched in the big sketchbook with the Micron 01, freehand and as quick as I could.  You know I get bored if I have to take a long time.  I numbered the last page of sketches wrong so threw in a number 3 to catch up.

Number 3, pot with lid - this is red with an aluminum lid
Number 7, something used in the kitchen - spoon rest, red with white polka dots
Number 8, folded towel - a light blue kitchen towel
Number 9, something I should have thrown away - the box from the new thermostat.  We have a new heat pump that, like all new tech, is smarter than us.  It sends Gene an e-mail when the settings are changed and keeps the outdoor temperature and weather at hand.  The bad part is now we have to check the temp on the heater, phones, computers, Gene's clock, the rain guage, Weather Bug, Yahoo weather, and on and on.  Ha.
Number 10, lamp

*** ** *** ** ***

I was reading a blog, which one, I don't remember, sorry, about hints to have a successful art career and sales.   I will remind you that success is defined in different ways by different artists.  Is success:  sales?  Awards?  Self satisfaction?  Learning?  Teaching?  

The blog pointed out that the artist thought you should never put links on your page or blog.  They said visitors would go to the link and never come back.   Would you do that??  My readers seem to be regular.  I hear from a few folks by e-mail  that do not post on my blog and have not had any cancellations in a long time.  Hmmmm.

So with that in mind I will point you to Richard McKinley's blog today.

He talks about the changing landscape ant the bleakness and different colors in winter.  He talks about how he has such beautiful reference photos, like New Mexico in the summer, and he doesn't feel as excited about those in the winter when he is in Oregon.  He says to paint the season with all the feelings that go with it.  

I feel much that way, too.  Here the seasons are not so distinct.  We don't always have beautiful fall color and many of the trees don't lose their leaves.  Is it time for some still life paintings?  Something to ponder.

Oh, he has a link to some extreme cold painting in Wyoming to wander off to read ... y'all come back for my next post, ya hear???

Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Sketch Gene's Stuff for Hunt 476, Fun in Bastrop, Photo

Sketching in the big book is pretty much what is on my sketching agenda.  I have sketched about 25 pages of the 300 in a year.  Of course, I didn't take it on our summer trip.  No rush, right?

I sketched with a Micron 01 and added some colored pencil on the shoe.  Gene hardly wears those anymore, but when he does you can see him from far away.  The yellow-green is very bright.  I should have used markers!

Number 4, something with eyes - Gene's new craft needles
Number 5, tool - an awl - Gene is planning on fixing some sandals
Number 6, shoe - toe shoe

*** ** *** ** ***

Cynthia Bloom is the featured artist at Art Connections Gallery this month.  I'm not a jewelry person, but this looks very collectable....  Pretty stuff.
Stop in and see all the beautiful things for Christmas.  I have three paintings there.  (Address and info at the top of this blog)

All sorts of stuff going on in downtown Bastrop.  Friday and Saturday will be the opening of the Christmas lights, special stores, they will have ice skating and snow.  Yes!  Lots of fun things to do.

And it was a beautiful morning here after the rain.  

Saturday, December 03, 2016

Rainy Day Sketches, Photos

It is a big gloomy looking outside.  About 49 degrees and wet.  It was raining pretty hard when we got up.  We have had about 1.7 inches since late yesterday evening.

I sketched in the big book for Hunt 476
I used a Micron 01, which is a finer line.  No sun so using a flash for the photo.  :(

Number 1, shell - I still haven't found the sea shells I brought back from Michigan.  Must have tossed them.  So, an egg shell from Gene's hard boiled egg this morning.
Number 2, finger - mine

Our front drive after the rain about 9:15 a.m.

I love the Bolivia lady pots.  They look like they are just sitting there waiting ....  These pots survived the fire.  The lady pots are made of cement.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Bread from 2014 Sketch

Well, sort of bread.  I was looking for a souvenir that I haven't sketched for the big sketchbook.  I found this pot with bread mix in the cupboard.  When I finished my sketches I turned the tag over to see the directions.  I was wondering if it was yeast bread.  To my surprise the tag says, "Best if used by July, 2014!"  Can you believe that?  I don't remember if I bought it to use myself or for a gift. Surely the leavening agent is past its time... or the bag may have bugs.  Funny!

Number 5, souvenir - bread mix in brown bag that you open, mix and bake in the flower pot
Number 6, treasured item - my turquoise and silver bracelet and ring that belonged to my mom
For Scavenger Hunt 475

The bread mix is from Patti's Settlement in Paducah, Kentucky. https://www.pattis1880s.com/ A great restaurant, don't miss it if you are in the area.  The bread is wonderful and their signature, 2 inch pork chop, is excellent!  The website lists their address as Grand Rivers, Kentucky.  It is just out of Paducah.  We have eaten there about 4 times, now.  Sooooo good!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Hunting Angels Sketch

I sketched in the big sketchbook with the usual Micron 05.  I tried to pay a bit more attention.  Do I learn more if I do?  I may not learn more, but I can see better and make better lines.

 For Scavenger Hunt 475  http://www.wetcanvas.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1416724

Number 3, crumpled paper - a page from Gene's desk calendar
Number 4, religious image - I decided on this cowgirl angel made by Jo Watts.  http://www.jowattsclaysmith.com/  You can see and buy her work in Bastrop and Smithville at most venues.

We have known Jo and Tom, her recently deceased husband, about 15 years.  They lived all over the world, too.  We had many fun conversations.  We were members of the Guild and have worked together.  She makes beautiful porcelain, pottery, paints, silk screen and any art genre you can think of.  Very talented.  She made little angels for a Christmas tree we, the Guild, donated to the Family Crisis Center.  The tree was blue, white and silver with a bluebonnet theme.  The angel was holding a bouquet of bluebonnets. She made several for the tree.  Gene and I bought the tree in the auction.  It had little paintings and ornaments made by the artists.  It was nice to have a piece of art from most of the artists in the group.  Of course they burned in the big Bastrop fire in 2011. Two of the little angels survived.  I like this one with the cowboy hat.
A link in case you are new to my blog.

 The little angel is about 3 inches tall and very delicate.

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