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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Hunt 527 Winter Start

For Scavenger Hunt 527

We went to get an image at Lakeside Medical for Gene's check up and I sat on the patio and sketched.  This was the day before the ice.  Yesterday was one of our few days of winter.  Freezing temperatures with schools and businesses closed.  Any moisture turns to ice and the world halts in Central Texas and surrounds. 

For the most part we didn't get ice they expected on trees and such.  Bridges and roads were icy and much of the activity gets put on hold.  Today is even colder but not as much moisture, but schools were closed here again.  The Bastrop Sketchers were to meet at the library but I decided I didn't want to slide off the road and sit in a bar ditch so here I am.

Number 1 tree and number 2 sky - done in the small sketchbook as you see with the Micron 01.  That is a bald headed guy with sunglasses and a kid fishing.  Looks like a Storm-trooper from Star Wars.

Number 3 ribbon - pastels on reused paper.  The old paper didn't hold or like me adding more layers.  It has seen its day.  I like painting ribbon and new paper would have been better.  Sketching does not require perfection, it is for my practice and personal info.  The Scavenger Hunts and my blog have made it public.

The critics for artists blogs and pages say you should only show your best work but that would not be very interesting since I'm not painting or doing my best work, eh?  My blog has turned into more like a personal journal.

And like all things, the less you do, the less you want to do.  I'm thinking I should sign up for a daily challenge  .. but then I would have to paint.  Sigh.....

Monday, January 15, 2018

The End! (Well, of Hunt 526)

It seems like we still do "weekend" stuff even though we are retired and every day is a weekend day.  This means we didn't do anything productive. 

For Scavenger Hunt 526, the last sketches:

These were done in the big book with a Micron 005 which is fine point so they didn't reproduce as well as the 05 for sure.
Number 11 - related to exercise, Total Gym and weights.
Number 12 - pot, a couple from Peru that sit on the top of the cabinets in the kitchen. 

Texas artists have to do their annual sales tax reports by January 20.  No sales for me.  Any sales I have now are through Art Connections so my report was easy.    Hope you other artists and photographers remember to do your report.  You can do it by phone or on-line now, so much easier.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Hunting for 526

 We went to San Marcos yesterday.  Fountain or landscape with water was on the list.  Our lakes find themselves into my sketches so often that I decided to sketch the river at Ivar's River Pub.  (The only web presence I could find was on Facebook so I won't link to that.)

Scavenger Hunt 526

Number 9 fountain or landscape with water

I sketched in the purse sketchbook as you see.   They had kayaks out when we first got there. I didn't take a photo of the scene.  Irritating, it was a great view and the food was good.  Nice to see Larry.

Number 7 tray and 8 bottle
These were in the travel sketchbook with a Micron 01.

We were in Austin the day before and I sketched the paper tray in the doctor's office.  It is very austere in that place, weird.  Only one painting on the wall and black chairs.  No plants or magazines.  It is Gene's neurosurgeon's office, do they want to keep your brain blank??  We love the doctor and staff, I need to remember to ask why it is so bare, maybe it was a temporary place and has just turned permanent.  Hmmm.

The bottles were at the Front Room Wine Bar in Smithville for dinner.  They were mostly scotch bottles on the glass shelf on the beautiful bar.  We had sushi, saki, coffee and wine.

For lunch we went to Sao Paulo with Joanna and had Brazilian food.  Dr's checkup and banking and shopping.  So .... a busy day with  international food and relaxing at the end.  We put about 100 miles on the car.  The trip to San Marcos is about 100 miles round trip, too.

Number 3 healthy - yes, that is an apple
Number 4 grinder
Number 5, yummy - Nutter Butter cookies, nice that they have stayed in our world, been eating them since I was a kid
Number 6, tableware
These sketched at home in the big sketchbook with the Pilot fountain pen.

I'm working on Christmas cards again today and will continue writing with the fountain pen and see if I can figure it out for drawing.  It must be good for my brain to deal with it.  Real ink was a favorite in the old days, but it is messy and drippy.  Plus you need to buy ink.  I'm on my second cartridge much like buying ink for the printer.

Tuesday, January 09, 2018

No Hunting this Morning Sketches

The January Challenge in the Southwest and Western forum is on.  I thought I should do a sketch or painting, I am the host after all.  The old car called to me.

I planned an ink sketch with a touch of watercolor.  The sketch is in a watercolor sketchbook that is about 7 x 10 inches.  I did the ink sketch with the new Pilot fountain pen.  When I touched it with watercolor the ink bled.  I hadn't thought about that because I've been using the marker pens for so long.  It wasn't the look I had planned, but watercolor is sort of that way on its own.  It took about 40 minutes.

The bleeding ink prompted me to try another portrait in the Notorious Wild West Outlaws forum on wetcanvas.  It has been more interesting than I expected.  I think folks have made heros out of bad guys.  I sketched Pat Garrett and James Arness for Marshall Dillon on Gunsmoke.  We have also had a wolf, Yosemite Sam, and some of the mobster sketches, so semi good guys are OK. 

Bat Masterson wore many hats:  gambler, lawman, reporter, bad guy and more.  So much on Wikipedia I didn't even try to write much.  The photo I used was from Wikipedia not from the TV show where he usually carried a cane.

This sketch is in the big coffee table book done with the Pilot fountain pen with a touch of water.  I liked the bleed for black and white, with some effort it could look like a newspaper photo.  Good practice for my "portrait" world where I only dabble.

Gene is at lunch with some old work friends so I will now carry on with my procrastination mentioned in a previous post.......TV time and lunch.

Monday, January 08, 2018

New Hunt and Stuff

There is always a new Scavenger Hunt, right?  We just keep on going...


Number 1, flower and Number 2 leaf, sketched  in the big book with the Pilot fountain pen and added colored pencil.

The Christmas cactus has lost a couple of blooms with one fading, luckily it was still going for this Hunt, next week it will be gone.

Oh and a Hunt that just ended:

For Scavenger Hunt 525 - Number 16, pipes under the sink
Number 17, book - wedding books for Jennie and Brandon and also for Christy and Nick.

I had some good stories in mind for my blog but did not jot down notes.  Silly, as Jennie told me about a great app, Notability,  for the iPad where you can type, draw with the pencil and write all interchangeable and add photos and write on the photos, etc.  Make bullet lists and so much more.  I have it but haven't used it yet.  Maybe this year.

We went to music on Saturday evening.  We really went to Austin to order Gene's new trike.  It is a famdancy one which should improve his ride and give him something to look forward to and be comfortable.  It is called a Catrike in the Dumont model.

We planned to go see Byrd and Street, but Mr. Byrd was ill so Greg Whitfield and Mark Dotson sat in for them.  It was a great show.  We took Elaine Filion with us.  She is an expert instrument fixer upper, repairman.  She knows most of the musicians we see.   Elaine has repaired many of their guitars, banjos and for us a charango from Bolivia.  It was a great time at the New World Deli.  Good food, too.

I just had to buy a cd from Greg.  This is my new theme song for the procrastinator that I am.  Near the start of the song  ".....I haven't done a thing all day, but I won't let that bother me, I wont be losing any sleep 'cause somebody's doing something somewhere......"  It also says something about just watching TV, napping and eating.   Perfect for me....  Have a listen and go see a show with Greg when you can. 

Greg Whitfield - Somebody's Doing Something Somewhere


Greg is also a teacher and has written Alphabet songs for kids, one for each letter of the alphabet.  Fun.  He will have some animated versions out before too long, I'll let you know.  I put a snippet on Instagram, but lots of talking.  Grrrrr.  https://www.instagram.com/p/BdoYpJJB4PU/?taken-by=jocastart1
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