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Monday, May 16, 2022

New Hunt #24

A new Scavenger Hunt from Life is up and well on the way.  This runs from May 14 - May 22.  We have a list of 26 items/prompts.  I usually get around 10 - 12 done.  I have done the whole list a couple of times.

It is nice to try new ideas and different sketchbooks or tools.

For Scavenger Hunt from Life 24

For Number 1,  cheese grater and Number 2, pile of books I sketched in the regular Canson sketchbook, 9 x 12 inches.  I used the Sharpie pen.  I need to get to Hobby Lobby and get some new pens.  The finer nibs wear out quickly on rough paper even though I try to use a light touch.


For Number 3, as far as the eye can see - you may be able to tel I sketched out on the porch on my iPad with the app, Brushes, and the Apple pencil.  

Pet or pet related was on the list.  No pets here except for stuffed animals.  I went to hang the sheets out and there were several dragon flies on the lines.  They were not in a hurry to leave.  There was also a spider web and maybe they were looking for something in that??  Sort of weird.  Again in the Canson sketchbook about half a page with the Sharpie pen.

Number 4, pet related - sub the dragon flies.  They were black with clear wings with black splotches.  We have had some really colorful ones, but these were it today.

Number 5, clothes hanging - the sheets on the clothes line.  The other half of the page with the dragon flies.  Sketched at the dining table with the Sharpie pen.

I like to hang the sheets to dry if possible.  They smell so good.  Gene's brother, Al, made the clotheslines for us.

***  **  ***  **  *** **  ***  **

Now that the plein air painting has become the "thing" many artists are looking for portability with their tools, paints, easels, etc.  Pastels are probably the heaviest and most bulky to carry around.

I found it interesting that Marz Doerflinger has taken small to the extreme for oil painting.  He paints in pastel, too.  Nice work.

Talk about a tiny art kit:

Friday, May 13, 2022

Leg and Shadow Sketch

It has been so nice on the porch in the mornings.  I usually check my email and work a couple of puzzles like Wurdle.  I wanted to sketch but did not want to look for tools so just sketched on the iPad with the Apple pencil.  It changes the routine and is probably good for my brain.  I try to sketch like I do with ink so I use as few "undo" commands as possible.

My numbers are probably off but at least I sketched and tried to keep my fingers in touch with my brain.

Number 8, leg of inanimate object - the leg of the slider/swing on the porch.

Number 9, unusual shadow.  I just noticed this shadow in the guest shower a couple of days ago.  The bar makes sort of a loop shadow.  The shower curtain is usually closed so maybe that is why I hadn't seen it.  Kinda weird.

The photo shows the shadow and a reflection of the shadow on the right wall.  I was farther left and different angle and didn't see that.  Hmm.  Very interesting.

These are for Scavenger Hunt From Life 23.

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

SHFL Sketches

Sometimes when I try different media to sketch with, I feel like I'm really sketching or really learning.  I rarely use alcohol markers because you can't blend the colors like paint or watercolors. I'm reminded of learning to color with crayons and playing with the kids when they were little.  I'm hoping it is good for my brain to try "new" things, or at least things I'm not as familiar with.  Picking up a pastel or pen and ink is like finding an old friend.  

We sat on the porch yesterday morning.  It is pretty warm, but nice to sit out there again.  The pollen from the Loblolly pines is gone and the kiddos helped get the porch rug down and furniture back.

Sketches are for Scavenger Hunt from Life #23.


Number 1, wheelbarrow - hanging on the shed
Number 2, made of wood - the shed and the trees
Number 3, found in yard - the cinder blocks
Sketched in the watercolor sketchbook, 9 x 12 inches,  with Prismacolor Premier markers

I went back to my familiar pastels on the recycled/reused paper, about 8 x 10 inches.
Number 4, corner of a room - my studio corner with paintings, junk and pastels

Gene and I walked to the fire station to sketch these.  Number 6 and 7 are in the travel sketchbook, mix media, 5.5 x 8.5 inches with a Zig Millennium 05 pen.

Number 6, parking lot - across the like by the fire station and playground  The K Line railroad car is red and used for storage.  The pickup was red and left just as I finished the sketch.  Whew.
Number 7, skyline, the houses and trees across the lake.  We sat on a bench while I sketched.
(you can click on the images to make them a bit larger)

Someone that works very hard at her art and pushes herself is Kelly Borsheim.  I haven't linked to her in a while.  Her work is amazing.  This is a recent blog post.

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