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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Photo Sketch Pumpkins

On the Southwest and Western art forum on wetcanvas
we have a monthly challenge.  One of the artists post a few photos.  Artists can paint or sketch any or all during the month or after.  You may also crop or rotate and paint as you like.

I am not fond of painting from photos and I'm not fond of the color orange so decided to do a simple sketch of the pumpkin stand.  I cropped most of the photo out and sketched with a Micron 01 and a Prismacolor Brush Pen.

The other photos are more complex but more western.  :)  I was looking for simple.

The sketch itself is in the big sketchbook and is about 5 x 7 inches.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Bastrop Sketchers Day

The title sounds like a very special celebration, right?  Well, it was just the first get together of the sketchers for the fall.  We were only 4, but that is a start.  We were going to the old cemetary but it was in the 40s early and it was decided we should meet at the Lost Pines Art Center.

By 10:00 a.m. it was 65 or more, but we stayed at the center.  Three of us went out back and sketched the old silos and an interesting steam engine.  We sketched for almost two hours then had our show and tell and lunch.  Always good to get out with other artists as I have mentioned in the past.  A gorgeous day sure helps, too!

For Scavenger Hunt 515

Number 5, car part - the light on a car parked at the center, it was one of the artist's Subaru it seems.

Number 6, something in sky line - the sheds for the farmer's market and the top of the convention center in the background.

Number 7, big - the silos and the steam engine.  The silos will be turned into a metal working/welding shop, a glass blowing shop, and a ceramics place.  The other will be an apartment for an artist in residence.  Lots of big plans for our little town.  Who would have thought??

The steam engine functions but not sure it was ever used for anything.  Clyde Clardy built it and several interesting contraptions.  He owned the land where the center sits and he donated his machine for the start of the sculpture garden.  He had a "batmobile" sitting along side another building he had on Highway 71.

Some of our sketches today.  The longhorn is from a sculpture inside the Art Center.

It was a good day and I'm happy I was out and about.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Turtle Sprayer Sketch

It has been open doors and open windows for two days.  Lovely!!!  We walked around the lake but we didn't take phones or other cameras.  Saw a very big egret, too.

I sketched out in the back in the big sketchbook with a Micron 01.

For Scavenger Hunt 515

Number 3, sprayer - the turtle sprayer for the lawn
Number 4, spiraling - the hose (it is one of those coiled ones like an old phone cord but I had it stretched out so the water would go mostly on the grass)

The turtle was stuck in the mud in one of the flower beds when we got here, so he is still at home. It can make about a 12 foot diameter circle of spray with the pressure here.  I had it way low.   He is a turquoise color .. may be copper and turned greenish. It is about 10 inches in length.  I should investigate that more.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Sketch for 515

I haven't been doing much of anything.  I know you are not surprised.  I did put up a piece of Pastelbord on my easel and have a painting in mind.  Seems it just wants to stay there and not emerge through my fingers.  

I did sketch in the coffee table book this morning.  I sketched with a Micron 01 in about 15 minutes.

Number 1, sketch something with your non dominant hand - my dominant hand
Number 2, crumpled paper

These are for Scavenger Hunt 515.

It is amazing how mushy/sappy Hallmark movies are with bad acting and how creepy/weird Lifetime movies are with bad acting.  Oops, now you know what I've been doing.

Hope your Friday the 13th goes well and you have a good weekend.  

We will go to music in La Grange at The Bugle Boy http://thebugleboy.org/ tonight and tomorrow night.  Jeff Plankenhorn tonight and Carrie Rodriguez tomorrow.  Great musicians, will be fun shows.  See you there??? 

We will also see Jennie and Brandon tomorrow.  We plan on going to Winchester for steaks, yea!  Murphy's has the best steaks around.  http://www.eatatmurphys.com/

Monday, October 09, 2017

Hunt 514 Pastel Sketch

Working on the "p" list still so set up in my studio.  I decided to just wipe of the last pastel still life sketch and use the same Canson paper so it is still on the rough side.  It took about 30 minutes total.

Scavenger Hunt 514

Number 8, pet - kangaroo rat, thanks to Gene.
Number 9, pastel - a few of the pastels I used to sketch with.

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