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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Finishing off Hunt 534 in Pastel

The Hunts go by so quickly now.  Shoot, the whole year goes by so quickly.  Better get in this final sketch for Scavenger Hunt 534.

Color is more interesting to me on this day.  Being lazy, I chose the easiest medium, for me, to achieve quick color in a sketch.  That means pastel, right?

Number 10, mug

I had a piece of ivory Canson, Mi Teintes paper, on the easel.  I wiped a previous demo off the paper, recycling again.  The dreaded grid side of the paper was what was there.  The mug still has a bit of ceramic look to it, grid and all.  The mug is from our Kentucky bunch.  It is large, probably holds a pint.  It is a whiskey barrel and not a beer barrel for a pint of spirits.  It probably took me 15 minutes from wipeoff to finish.   It is on pretty big paper so larger than life.  Cheers!

The demo I wiped off was from this post about value and color:

Interesting how much color is influenced by the colors around it.  Richard McKinley calls it simultaneous contrast.  McKinley is one of my favorite pastelists.  I like his style.  Check it on his website:

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Speed Hunting

Boy, the less I do, the less time I have to do it in.  Is it age or organization??  Baseball and daily "stuff" seem to occupy time and I have to do "speed Hunting".

We went to Austin for Brandon's belated birthday celebration.  I took the big sketchbook, hoping to sketch the grand-dogs for the "pets" item on the Hunt list.  They did not cooperate.

For Hunt 534

Number 8, treat - Pineapple
Number 9, plate - a couple that are sort of square

Jennie's and Brandon's yard is looking pretty:

Spring has sprung!

Baseball was sad and happy.  Augie Garrido, longtime coach of the Texas Longhorns and much more passed away.  Friday, they had a moment of silence and his number on the field.  He influnced many players and other folks with his lifetime coaching.  He believed that baseball was important to life more than it was a game.  He wanted the players to succeed in their life after baseball.   We used to joke that he would tell the batters when they came up to "be one with the ball".  He will be missed.

The Longhorns won the first two games of conference play against Kansas.  Hopefully another win today.  Hook 'em Horns!

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

New Hunt 534

For Scavenger Hunt 534, a new list and new hunting for the items.

We went to town yesterday so I sketched from the car at Lowe's and on a bench at the oil change station.  The sketches are in a 9 x 12 Canson sketchbook with regular paper, no water.  I used a Micron 01.

Number 1, storefront and Number 2, station

This morning I sketched in the coffee table book with a Prismacolor 01.  I numbered them wrong, of course.....

Number 3, bottle - my glass water bottle, I don't like drinking out of plastic or metal
Number 4, pot - a Peruvian pot
Number 5, fork - serving fork
Number 6, spoon - slotted spoon for serving
Number 7, pan - cake pan

Baseball in Austin was disapointing last weekend.  After winning the first game 8-6 over the Stanford Cardinal, the Horns lost the next three - 7 to 1, 9 to 3 and 11 to 1.  Thursday and Friday it was cool but not to bad, 60-65 or so.  Saturday it was 89 degrees which was a bit warm for this time of year.  Then Sunday the wind blew so hard out of the north and 62 felt like 40... miserable to go with the score.

This was on the ride home on Saturday.  Such a pretty evening.

This week the Horns traveled to Fayetteville Arkansas to play the Razorbacks.  First time against since 1991.  They used to be big rivals in the Southwest Conference.  They will meet tonight at 6:30 p.m. and tomorrow at 4:00 p.m.  The Horns have to be back in Austin on Friday for a series with Kansas starting their Big12 Conference play.  Hook 'em Horns!

Monday, March 12, 2018

Last of Hunt 533

This is the last day of Hunt 533.  Did the lazy thing and took the big sketchbook out to the corner and sketched all on one page in the big book with a Micron 05.

I thought I would show you the whole page.
Number 10, mailbox
Number 11, flag
Number 13, outdoor sculpture - I didn't realize I had sketched these until I saw the list after taking the photo.  The bigger star is made of railroad spikes and horseshoes and the smaller by the door is from railroad spikes.  Made my Jeff Snyder a few years ago.

The roadrunner showed up a bit to the right, but as you might suspect, didn't stay long so he is not sized or placed correctly.  Fun to see, he/she hadn't been around for a while.

Gene put up the flag just for me and I did a poor sketch.  Sorry for that.

Number 12, fist, a quick one with a Micron 01

Friday, March 09, 2018

Hunting at Home

It is hard to find time to sketch during baseball season, or that is what I tell myself.  This morning I got out the big book and found three small items to sketch here at home.

For Scavenger Hunt 533

Number 7 toy - a Happy Meal toy from McDonald's.  We hadn't been there in ages and went after a game.  There are coupons on the back of our tickets for free french fries and we forgot to use them.  I was hungry, but didn't want a big burger,  so had a Happy Meal.  It was pretty good - considering...  the toy is silly.  The rabbit sits on the stand, you turn the rabbit, then push one of the buttons and the rabbit "jumps" out and you try to catch it.  It jumps about 3 inches so you have to  be fast.
Number 8 hand tool - small needle nose pliers
Number 9 keys on a ring - Gene's, I've sketched mine many times.  That little knife comes in handy.  We use the scissors a lot.

The Longhorns won the first game against the Stanford Cardinal 8 - 6 last night.  It was a good game with good pitching and a couple of home runs.  One down, three to go.  A bit chilly and will probably be so again today with temps near 60 at game time.  Always cooler in the stands.  Tomorrow is supposed to be in the high 80s .. what?  I'll let you know. 
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