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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Sketching Treat for Hunt 406

I sketched on the porch this morning while I had my coffee and snack (rice cake, loaded).  Beautiful morning and a nice cool 66 degrees or so.  It quickly went to 80 by the time I came in.  It rained about .3 of an inch last night and we expect more tonight.  The weekend will bring more for a saturated Texas.  Lots of life lost and destruction is the bad part.  The end of the draught is a good thing.  Hard to wrap your mind around.

I sketched with the Micron 05 and added watercolor from my Koi kit.  It has a waterbrush that holds the water, nice for sketching.

Number 4, renewable energy - a flashlight Gene got for Christmas from Mike and Janice.  You shake it for power.  It works surprisingly well!
Number 5, treat - the last bit of gluten free carrot cake from the wedding.  I'm saving it for tonight.  It is a bit dry but still very good.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

When it Rains it Pours, Perfect Wedding and Sketch

Gene kept asking for our lakes/ponds to fill up.  Well, we had about 5 inches in a couple of hours and the lakes definitely have more water!  We did not have any personal damage from the floods.  Our son's, Larry's, workplace was flooded in San Marcos and he is working in Austin today and probably for a few days.  The rest of us were safely dry at home.

There were many road closings, water damage, wind and tornadoes.  You will see that on TV and the internet.  Many stories on facebook and Twitter.  We are so sorry for the families in Wimberly and San Marcos that have family missing or dead.  Too sad.  It had been since Memorial Day in 1981 since the flooding was so bad.  More to come they say, but we are fine!

Our evening after the storms went by yesterday.

Jennie and Brandon were married on Thursday.  The weather held out for them.  It was very cloudy but cool.  It was informal in a chapel/gazebo and was so beautiful.  A beautiful day and dinner and cake after at Chuy's.  The restaurant did a good job for us as well.  Congratulations to Jennie and Brandon!!

The wedding was small with family and close friends.  Brandon had relatives from out of town and Gene's sisters, Virginia and Mercy came from Albuquerque.  It was a  picture perfect wedding!

The groom and bride.

The in laws and out-laws. We had on boots!

I made the cakes and Jennie made the bouquets.  Beautiful job on the origami flowers.

Larry was the photographer and official photos will follow.  He was going to work on them on Monday but his internet company washed away as I mentioned above.  He went and helped at a shelter instead.

I sketched this morning on the porch for Scavenger Hunt 406  http://www.wetcanvas.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1379967&page=2  I sketched with a Micron 05 and added watercolor for the challenge.
Number 1, climbing - morning glory flowers on the trailer.
Number 2, made of wood - the glider
Number 3, cushion

Things are back to normal, aren't they??

Monday, May 18, 2015

Be Still My Beating Heart ..... Sketches

I opened my e-mail to find this lovely note:
    From:     Willet Bay
    Subject:     http://www.jocastilloart.com/paintings/breakfast_cow.html
    Date:     May 18, 2015 8:54:20 AM CDT
    To:     Jo Castillo
Hello,my Name is Willet Bay im an Art collector from Dallas,TX,i got
to come across your gallery on the internet,will like to have the
above subject for my new apartment as soon as possible .please let me
know if the piece is available and if yes let me have the detailed
price and more information about it.kindly reply me with your phone
Willet Bay

My heart always skips a beat when someone wants to buy a painting. 

But wait!!!! All the information is right on my website, price and info of where to buy it.  Ah, well.  I was spammed again.  I hope you don't fall for one of these. Willet is obviously fishing.

I did manage a sketch yesterday and another today.  The morning started off well in that respect.  It is still cloudy and we had a rain squall this morning. We had an inch yesterday!  Yahoo!  I sketched on the porch yesterday with the Micron 03 and added watercolor.  Today I sketched at the kitchen/dining table with the Micron 03.

Number 6, landscape - out back on a cloudy day
Number 7, something with holes in it - colander
Number 8, vegetable - celery
Number 9, fruit - apple
Number 10, bottle - Hot chile oil

*  *  *  *  *  *  *
You probably haven't noticed, but I haven't mentioned the Longhorn Baseball Team for a while.  They were on break for finals and the last home game with Texas State was cancelled for weather.  They have been on a crazy trip this year.  They ended the season with 26 wins and 25 losses overall and 11 wins and 13 losses in the Big 12 conference. 

Not a satisfying year for them.  They enter the Big 12 Tournament as the Number 5 seed and play on Wednesday, 9 a.m. in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  If, and it is a BIG IF, they can win the tournament they will get to go to a Regional and maybe on to the College World Series.  That is a lot of games to win. 

In their last series with Baylor, they won on Saturday 6-5, and in a doubleheader yesterday, they lost the first game 7 - 1 and then won the second 11-1 on the Mercy Rule in the seventh inning.  Go figure! 

Wishing them the best ... Hook 'em Horns!!!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Hunting in Pen and Ink

I did sketch day before yesterday and yesterday while having my coffee.  So nice on the porch early in the morning.  I sketched in the large sketchbook with a Micron 03.  Very quickly with no pre-sketch in pencil.  Just my freehand work.

I numbered this first sketch wrong, I put 404 and it is Scavenger Hunt 405. http://www.wetcanvas.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1379503 I missed a whole Scavenger Hunt it seems while on the road.  Very unusual not to do even one sketch.

Number 1, something above my head - lights and corner of porch
Number 2, something green - tree and grass
Number 3, flower - the Indian Blankets, they are red in the center and it fades out to the yellow edges, very pretty.

Number 4, low to the ground - Gene's mud shoes by the screen door
Number 5, something with a lid - my coffee in the thermos glass cup.  The cup really keeps the coffee warm.  Not very exciting drinking coffee with a straw, especially since it is bad enough to drink decaf.

Jeanne Grant from the Scavenger Hunts posted a link to a site that has items to draw with timers so you can sketch like drawing from life. There are different categories and time.   It looks so nifty.
It will be nice for me, because we don't have many opportunities to sketch life form drawings.  This gives you alternatives to items on hand as well.  Thank you, Jeanne.  http://jeannegrant.blogspot.com/

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Fall on Your Face and Pastel Painting

Years ago, I think we were in Bolivia at the time, Joanna was going to be in a play at school.  I was going to send her off with the old saying to "Break a leg!"  Well, I mixed up my thoughts and it came out, "Fall on your face!"  That has stuck with me.

I took the advice myself last Tuesday evening and fell on my face.  That is one of the reasons for my absence here.  My sister had surgery in New Mexico and we went to see her.  When she got better and went home from the hospital, we decided to go to the dentist for a teeth cleaning on our way home.  Gene needed a cavity fixed, too.

We arrived in Deming, New Mexico, on Tuesday afternoon.  I went outside to make a call to check on my sister and decided to bring our little cooler back in the hotel room.  I started to the door and stumbled and fell across the sidewalk with no time to put out my hands.  I am pretty sure it was luck not to hit the sidewalk.  My face hit the gravel instead which I think saved breaking my teeth.

Emergency room time and stitches in my upper and lower lips with plastic glue stuff on the outside of my lower lip.  I did not get my teeth cleaned on Wednesday.  Ha.  They had a rough time with Gene's tooth and ended up pulling it, the root had grown into the bone and the cavity was too deep to save the tooth.

On the road we both were having liquid diets instead of getting to try new restaurants and nice dinners with wine.  Ah well.

Our Texas kids came out for Mother's day.  We had breakfast instead of lunch which for me was scrambled eggs!  That is one of the last foods I would ask for on Mother's Day, but it was my first "solid" food and it was pretty darn good.  We had planned to have brisket, corn on the cobb, etc.  It was a nice day and fun to see the kiddos.

We should be in A-1 shape again in a couple of days, health wise.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  * 

Today was Enid Wood's pastel class at the Bastrop Fine Arts Guild. We were trying underpainting with Pan Pastels.  I had never used Pan Pastels.  In anticipation of this class, Gene got me a set of 20 for Mother's Day. 

I forgot to take the little sponges and tools to work with them so used a soft Viva paper towel over my finger and worked like I do on my iPad. 

The PanPastels come in a box, stacked.  I put them in the plastic palette box for easier access when painting.

The pastels in the palette.

My little 5 x 7 painting done with the PanPastels and a bit of soft pastel sticks for the highlights on Pastelbord.  It was fun and different to paint with my fingers.  I will try something a bit different here at home with the regular spongy tools.  The geraniums were from memory and from painting some real ones at Art Connections during Yesterfest.

This is the last class at the Guild until fall.  Enid will have some plein air paint togethers on Mondays in Bastrop and the area.  Check her page, http://enidwood.com/classes/

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