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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Last Sketches for 417 Photos

This is the last day of Scavenger Hunt 417.  http://www.wetcanvas.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1386204  I sketched in the house with the Micron 05 in the travel sketchbook.

Number11, something upside down - stool
Number 12, glove - some silicone gloves that are good for hot, cold, cleaning, etc.
Number 13, lock - deadbolt

Now on to the next Hunt.....

It was foggy here this morning, but we seem to still be having some smoke from the west coast as well.

Some bucks came grazing by last night.  I'm surprised the photo is this good as it was almost dark.  Gene's brother will say, "Mmmmmmm, jerky!" 

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Pastel Sketch and Art Conference Reminder, Photos

I sketched out on the porch yesterday.  I took out my Pan Pastels to sketch them.  The list has "new art supply" on it.  Instead I decided to sketch with them!  I didn't seem to have the right little tools for detail so added a bit with pastel sticks at the end.  It was fun and kept me occupied for about an hour.  I sketched on MiTientes paper so that I wouldn't feel bad about tossing it as practice.  It is about 8 x 10 inches.

Number 10, three things from a drawer

It was nice out but windy again.  Gene put up a tarp so we could have shade and be out of the sun.  It worked pretty well.  Maybe we will use it again.

A cottontail rabbit  that Gene kept seeing.  We waited for him to get closer but I had to get this from about 30 feet away through the window.
A reminder, too, that there is a regional arts conference happening in Bastrop in a few weeks.  If you sign up by Tuesday you get a big discount.  You should plan on going.  There are many, many classes, demos, vendors and more in a wide variety of media.  Some of the talks and demos are free with the pass.  Very good teachers and speakers.  Bastrop is a nice place to visit.  There are bed and breakfasts that are unique, live music, local restaurants and much to see and do besides the conference.  Take your family!

Friday, August 21, 2015

Hunting on 417 Sketches

Yesterday I sketched on the porch and in the car with my sketchbook and Micron 05 pen.  This morning I sketched at the table with my iPad and app, "Brushes".  I am blaming the wind yesterday for my wonky sketches.  It was not a nice day.  Looking out the window it looked fine, but when you went out, the wind was very strong.  The dust really brings on my hay fever.

Number 6, something to put your feet on - a mat for cleaning snow and mud by the door
Number 7, something that rolls - a tire from the house cleaners' car
Number 8, stuffed animal - a couple of small animals  that sit on the car dashboard.  I have sketched the bear, Gene's Chopo, before, he looks pretty sad here. 

Number 9, coffee cup - a cute baseball cup from this rent house.  It is  a half circle (like the baseball was cut in half), mine looks a bit taller.  I also took a photo of the table and sketched the cup on top of the photo.  There is  a plastic cover over the tablecloth, that is the glare/reflections.  I drew the reflections on the cup.

There are some good music shows going on at The Bugle Boy http://thebugleboy.org/events.php?status=active in La Grange while we are gone.  We listen/watch online when we can on Concert Window.  Good, but not the same as being there in person.  If you are close to La Grange, Texas, Gina Chavez will be there on Saturday and Bluehouse on September 11.   I would just love to see them both!! We will have to do Concert Window.  https://www.concertwindow.com/thebugleboy   You should go! Have fun either way!

After the wind, in Angel Fire.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Sketches and Good Habits

I sketched outside for Scavenger Hunt 417 http://www.wetcanvas.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1386204  yesterday afternoon.  It was warmer in the sun than in the house!

Number 4,  leaf- I sketched some from a vine and some from a weed
Number 5, thumb folded into your hand

You know I follow many blogs.  One of the artists that I like is Lori McNee http://www.finearttips.com/loris-original-art/  She is generous and knowledgeable.  You can learn a lot from reading her articles and tips.

This article is on Artists Network, 20 ways to Create Better Work Habits in Your Studio.  I should practice more of these ideas as in "practice what you preach".


The house cleaners came and now the house smells and looks great.  It is very windy, though, and I may have to close the door to keep out the dust.  Oh, Fair New Mexico!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Sketches As Time Goes By

I can't believe we have been here a month already.  More than that since we left home.  Sigh.....  Time goes by on the fly.....

A new Hunt is already underway.  Scavenger Hunt 417 http://www.wetcanvas.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1386204
I sketched at the dining table with the old Micron 05 in the travel sketchbook and added some colored pencil.

Number 1, flashlight - Gene's fits in the palm of your hand, super bright.  You can use the two bulbs on the side or the small bulb on the end.  It has a hook that folds into the back so you can hang it up.  Pretty nifty.
Number 2, refrigerator magnet - from Angel Fire with the New Mexico flag symbol and colors
Number 3, (which I didn't number??) key chain - Gene's with the Texas flag colors.

*  * * * * * * * * *  *

In Albuquerque we had a double music afternoon, both performances at Methodist churches.  We invited Joel Becktell to go with us to the Byrd and Street concert.  He was having a concert of his own so we went to see Joel perform a Bach recital/concert at 5 p.m.  It is so nice to listen to classical music in a casual atmosphere.  I did not take my phone in so failed to get photos.  Joel plays the cello and performed solo for the first half, then an oboe and two violins,  organ and a soprano singer were added for the second half.  Very beautiful.

Joel always makes it interesting with his stories about the composers and history of the music.  No one knows much about Bach, but the music is "grand".

 *  * * * * * * * * *  *

After that we went to the second performance.  We saw Byrd and Street.  It was a fun show at the Solid Grounds Coffee House.  It is a listening room atmosphere so makes the music stand out with very little distraction.  A couple of couples danced in the corner.  That was nice, too.

Byrd & Street

Kathy has a sweet voice and Tommy a rougher voice and the music and harmony is beautiful together.  Tommy is a great songwriter and tells great stories.  You would enjoy the music and their shows.  Check out samples on their website and order a CD or two.  They perform mostly in the Austin area but have a few road trips during the year so check the calendar.

You can learn more about Tommy Byrd  and Kathy Street on their website, http://wwwbyrdandstreet.com and find times and more about the concerts at http://www.byrdandstreet.com/calendar.html

And  more photos of the beautiful scenery around here.

Sketches for 416 and New Mexico Photos

We went off to Albuquerque for the weekend.  It was a great time. Too much info for one blog.  I will finish up the sketches for Scavenger Hunt 416. http://www.wetcanvas.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1385647

Number 12, has two handles - Stationary bike with handles down by the seat to hold on.  Then your heart rate and calories are noted.
Number 3, nature - salvia plant, rocks and hummingbirds

Number 14, heavy - owl sculpture and rocks in Virginia's garden
Number 15, persons - substituting a sculpture with a little girl on a swing and a boy on the stump

I hadn't put a photo of the Angel Fire (AXX) airport in a while.

The sunflowers are amazing at the moment.

The Vietnam Memorial from across the road.

Our resident prairie dog.  You can see a chipmunk in the back on the last photo.  The chipmunk is much cuter!  Either way they are rodents.  Not pleasant.  The prairie dogs leave big holes and tunnels.  Dangerous when riding horseback.  Your horse can trip.  You can get stuck in a car as well if you are off road. 

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