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Monday, June 27, 2016

Sketch Hunting and Packing

Only a couple of days to go.  I did sketch in the big sketchbook for Hunt 456.  http://www.wetcanvas.com/forums/showthread.php?p=20854541

Number 7, toast - w/butter
Number 8, shiny - knife and plate

I did initiate the big book.  I have been careful not to have any food nearby.  I finished my sketch and left the book open to take the photo.  I then decided to eat the toast and had a cup of coffee in my hand.  I set the coffee down about a foot away on the stool, a bit too hard I guess and a blob of coffee flew up and onto the page.  Some ran down the long side.  Not much, but now initiated none the less. Sad to say.....

We are in the final stages of packing.  I put my art supplies usually in a large tote.  This year I am taking a smaller tote since we aren't pulling the trailer.  You can see the packing for our Montana trip and read about packing for a workshop (when you have lots of room) here.

The tote is helpful as it is sturdy and we can put stuff on top of it.  It can stay where we don't need to get to it until we get somewhere for a few days.

More later.....

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Identify Your Paintings, Sketch for 456, Photos

I was reading a blog post by Jason Horejs on his RedDotBlog.  Of course I can't find it among the many he has there.  He gives such good advice so you will find something interesting.   He had posted about telling a story about your paintings and how that engages the viewer or purchaser.  It is hard to do at a gallery or an exhibit where you are not present.   I like to identify my paintings.

At a gallery, you may not get to even have a name of who purchased your art so no way to send a personal thank you and talk about the painting/artwork.  My solution is to put the information on the back of the painting.  I print a certificate of authenticity and anything special instructions about the frame or glass.  Most often, I use museum glass and want them to know not to use glass cleaners on it.

I include a sentence or two (depending on the size of the painting, how much fits!) about why I painted it or a story of why I was inspired.  I have a short bio.  I sign my name on my paintings like this:

The story includes why I sign my name like that.  It is Castillo with a "no" inside a block.  My maiden name was Knoblock - no block and my father signed things that way.  Gene suggested I put it on my paintings to honor my dad.

When a person buys my painting they will get the story about my work, info about me,  my contact info, the gallery's info and that the artwork is an original. 

***   ****   ***

I sketched in the huge sketchbook this morning.  I was packing but needed a break and that was a good way to take one.

For Scavenger Hunt 456 http://www.wetcanvas.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1407784
Number 1, nose
Number 2, mouth
Number 3, summer shoes - Gene's I wear walking shoes/sneakers all year round
Number 4, chair - my studio chair, I have sketched most of our other chairs
Number 5, thumb - it looks like a distorted photo, eh?  Sketched too quickly.  Excuse.

***   ****   ***

The century plant down the street  just bloomed yellow, never turned white.  Hmmm. I miss-remembered.  You can see the blooms are dropping.  They also trimmed the bottom, don't know why in this hot summer time.  Hmmm.

And, my new studio chair talked about in a previous post. Our friend, "T" Stewart-Young painted it.  Very cool!

Friday, June 24, 2016

Coyote Creek and Mi Burrito Pastels

I started and finished this pastel painting a while back.  The work came together and I am pleased with it.  There is quite a bit of space as the water goes off the surface and I didn't want it to feel like the water was running out and straight down.

The reference photo was of  Coyote Creek near Angel Fire, New Mexico, but I used memory and composition to make it my own.  It could be a creek anywhere.  It is always so neat to go sit in the shade on a hot day and listen to the water.  One can get away from the world that way......

This painting is at Art Connections for you to view and purchase.  I will have three paintings there for the summer.     For more information and to see it framed  visit my website, here:  http://www.jocastilloart.com/paintings/coyote_creek.html

Coyote Creek
Pastel on Pastelbord
11 x 20 inches

I finished the donkey painting, too.  I like it a lot.  Gene says it doesn't look like any donkey he ever saw.  I am sure that is true but it was fun to do.  Thanks to Regina www.reginaburchett.com for being here and getting me started on it.

Mi Burrito
Pastel on Pastelbord
8 x 10 inches

I took photos of this woolly donkey in Angel Fire, too.  He probably smoothed out just in time for the snow.  I think farm/ranch animals have a lot of personality.  I have not been around donkeys very much, but they seem to be a bit ornery.   More info here on my website:  http://www.jocastilloart.com/paintings/mi_burrito_donkey.html

Pastel on Pastelbord
12 x 12 inches
This is the other painting at Art Connections.  What is an art gallery in Texas with no longhorns in it?  Info here: http://www.jocastilloart.com/paintings/breakfast_cow.html

Art Connections is updating and having lots of new artists and new work.   They have great shows for First Friday and other downtown events.  You will have a fun time being introduced to the Bastrop "art scene".  Art Connections has a blog and presence on facebook and other social media.  And .... you can see and purchase my paintings there!  :-)

908 Main Street,  Bastrop, TX  78602   (512) 581-1799

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Hunting Mugs

has "Favorite Mug (this is for Jo)" on it.  This made me smile, of course.

After our big fire, Gene forbid me to have a collection of mugs again.  I had so many that most were in boxes.  As you might imagine the collection has grown in spite of itself and Gene.  I may be up to 30 or so again.  Yikes!  I do not have a favorite, although, I use 4 or 5 over and over.  The rest are just "around".   You have seen many in sketches.  I have not sketched my favorite yet.

I worked in the big book again with a Micron 03.  

Number 8, Father's Day remembrance - I don't have many things from my Dad, but my sister did give me this cup she had saved.  My dad always asked for a half a cup of coffee.  Someone gave him this one.
Number 9, profile - the same cup
Number 10, something you collect - a few of the mugs that have accumulated

The cup on the top left stack is brown and sort of blue inside, handmade here in Bastrop.  The handle is low down (doesn't show so much in my drawing) on the side.  Most handles are centered on a cup or near the top.  I didn't notice that when I bought this.  You might miss your mouth when raising this one if you aren't paying attention.  :-)

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Hunt 455 Sketches Ink and Pastel and Photos

Sunday, I sketched in the big book early with a Micron 05 and colored pencils.

For Scavenger Hunt 455 http://www.wetcanvas.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1407375
Number 4, something blue - my new sketchbook for multi media, hopefully it will be good for watercolor.
Number 5, something new - erasers, Gene bought them for me for my pencils for puzzles.  Not that I ever need to erase.
Number 6, something old- my spurs that came through the fire so are all black.  They are Blanchard spurs.  My dad had them made.  Blanchard used some rasps and added bronze initials and the brand, /K.  The trim all melted.  They were handed down from my dad to my brother, then to my sister and on to me. 

 Old Pets, Pastel on Canvas
You can read about my spurs and about this painting which is fixed on canvas and framed with no glass like an oil painting.  It is probably an acrylic painting the way it is "fixed".   There is a story about my dad and a link to my painting process post.

On Monday, I went with the pastel plein air group to paint in Smithville.  The next town east of Bastrop on Highway 71 toward Houston.  We met at the railroad park.  Just 3 of us, but we had a good time and another good lunch at the Bakery mentioned back a few posts when we painted two weeks ago.  It was a warm day but we found spots in the shade.

Number 7, backyard - I'm subbing this pastel sketch from Smithville.  You have seen my backyard multiple times in the Hunts.  This sketch is 14 x 11 inches on Pastelbord.

 Enid with her painting of the work-car and sky.

Jeannie with her painting of the Union Pacific car.

My set up with some sort of work-train going by on the far track.  You see I took artistic license and moved the yellow car nearer the green one.  Maybe I will finish this painting.  Who knows??

There is congestion on the Bastrop Smithville road as they are working on two overpasses on Highway 71 at the moment.  They are almost finished with the one at Loop 150/Tahitian Village and just starting a 2 year project at the Highway 95 intersection.  They had one lane open going west which didn't affect me on the way out as I come to the intersection at Loop 150 and go east.  On the way home, though, the traffic was backed up 3 miles to our old turn off.  I was in the wrong lane and had to go down and make a u-turn and come back to our old turn off, deciding to go on McAlister to Kaanapali and back to Tahitian/Loop 1250 and just cross HWY 71.  Well, there was a bridge out on Kaanapali so had an extra 4 block or so detour, but only had to sit through two light series at HWY 71 and just cross the road.  It took me about an hour to get home on a regular 20 minute drive. 

We will at least miss some of the congestion while we are on our trip.  That is a good thing. 

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