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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Sketching 439 and Photos

I sketched in the huge sketchbook with pen and added watercolor.  Sometimes adding color covers mistakes and sometimes it amplifies them.  I think it amplified the odd matchbox.  I don't spend a great deal of time on the sketches and use it mostly for practice and to have something to post on wetcanvas.com for the Scavenger Hunts.  We started in June of 2006 so almost ten years now.  Whew!

For Scavenger Hunt 439  http://www.wetcanvas.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1398519
Number 1, tin - an empty tin of spicey chocolate.  It was good!
Number 2, magnet - a small magnet from the fire department clear bubble.  It doesn't show well.
Number 3, lighter or match - a box of matches.  It looks like it has been wet in my sketch.  Not so.  I was surprised to see the match tips are green instead of red.
Number 4, wall socket - One of the kitchen plugs, they have a dark coppery look to them.

It is a beautiful day without much wind.  It has been gusty for a few days, which I don't care for.  I walked around the westerly lake today for my excursion out into the world.  I hope this weather holds up for baseball.  It usually doesn't but I am going to hope!

There were two big turtles on the log but by the time I got to where I could snap a photo, one had gone in the water.  The other one did as well as I finished.  They seem to hibernate for the winter.

The ducks were having a good time.  Some took off from a spot much closer to me.  This is as good as I could get with my old iPhone.  The new iPhones take photos as good as my point and shoot camera ... or better.

You can at least see what a gorgeous day it is! 

Tuesday, February 09, 2016

The End (of Hunt 438)

This is the last day of Hunt 438 http://www.wetcanvas.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1397875 so I sketched a bit this morning in the large/huge sketchbook with a Micron 08 and some watercolor.

Number 17, tree - I tried one of the juniper/cedar trees as I usually sketch from the dining area.  This is out my studio window.
Number 18, bear - It is time to get in the spirit for Texas Longhorn baseball. The first game will be February 19.  Not far away.  The Horns will play UNLV Rebels (University of Nevada, Las Vegas).  I am hoping for some great weather, not unlike today! 

 Hook 'em!

Saturday, February 06, 2016

Happy Birthday, Larry! 2016

Happy Birthday, Larry!  His birthday always sneaks up on me.  Not sure why.  Maybe I am trying to keep from getting old.  He is the youngest, the caboose,  of our kiddos and I want him (and me) to stay young.  Ha.

You can put "Larry Birthday" in the search box in the upper left and see many photos of our photographer.  He is so easy going, generous and accommodating to all of us.  We will celebrate his birthday on Monday because he is working today.  Sunday he gives to Jennie so she can watch the Super Bowl and her favorite team the Denver Broncos. 

He will pick a restaurant.  It will be something different.  We have had some interesting lunches and dinners.  He usually finds a new restaurant from South America.  Monday is a Peruvian restaurant.  We are hoping for some good ceviche for Gene and I and salchi papas for Jennie.  Milanesa for Larry and maybe Joanna.  It will be something new for Brandon.  Should be fun.

 Larry at work.

 Our house and lakes, photo by Larry.

You can see more of Larry's work on his website http://www.larrycastillophotography.com/ and follow him on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/larrycastillophotography/

Friday, February 05, 2016

Pastel Sketch Bowl & Cup

I was preparing to paint with my pastels.  Gene cut a board for me.   I looked through my reference photos to find a scene or two so I can decide which scene to paint.  I have Pastelbord in size 16 x 20 inches.  That is a very weird size and is so popular with artists. 

I haven't sold many paintings in that size.  I think they are too big to call a small painting and too small to call a large painting.  Think about putting one over a couch -- too small.  To put in a grouping on a small wall area like an entry -- too large.  I asked him cut one piece to 11 x 20 and that left a 5 x 7 and a 5 x 13 inch pieces.  We shall see what comes of those.

It has been good for me to post my sketches here and on the Scavenger Hunts.  It keeps me sketching almost every day.  When I am not excited about painting, I at least get out some art supplies and push on.   

I like sketching with ink and pastels for some of the same reasons.  It is immediate and I don't have to go over and over something.  Pastels are easier to correct, but when I sketch, I try to leave it as is without doing much to correct the sketch.  Sketching on the iPad is easy clean up, too, but takes more time for me.

Colored pencils require coloring and going over and over to achieve dark colors. Watercolors, oils and acrylics require "watching paint dry" and also more clean up.  If you sketch with oil paints for  fifteen minutes it may take thirty minutes to clean up.  Not my thing!

In the meantime this evening, I sketched with my pastels.  I just wiped off the sketch of pear, tomato and egg and then I had an under painting.

Before wiping off.

After wiping off.

Finished sketch after about an hour.

Number 13, cup
Number 14, bowl
Number 15, lolly - I did some hard candies, Life Savers, wrapped in cellophane.  Not a very successful sketch, too small is my excuse
Number 16, biscuits - used some small gluten free cookies, the British call what we call cookies, biscuits.

Colored Pencil Blues Sketch

Colored pencils are not my favorite.  They take so much "coloring" that I get bored.  This sketch took twice as long as the pastel from yesterday and is half as colorful.  My good friend, Regina (Regina Burchett www.reginaburchett.com) likes to work with colored pencils.  She says it is calming and soothing.  What do you think?

Scavenger Hunt 438 is well underway.    http://www.wetcanvas.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1397875
This Hunt run through February 9.

Number 11, Flower and Number 12, leaf.

It is hard to believe that this geranium is still blooming through the winter out on the porch.  We have had several frosty mornings.  It was around 40 this morning.  It is tough.  It made it through the summer of 2014 with no watering for a couple of months other than the bit of rain we had.  I left it sitting near Gene's shed.  This last summer our friend "T" took it home with her and planted it in the pot and gave it tender love and care.  Maybe that is why it is hanging on.

Tonight is First Friday.  It is cooler today, probably because we want to go out and walk around downtown, right?  It is also our friend's, Mike Henderson's, birthday.  I hope he can go with us and celebrate a bit.

It is also the birthday eve of our son Larry.  Larry is the caboose and hard to believe he will be forty years old.  Yikes!  He is working tomorrow with a photo shoot somewhere so we will celebrate on Monday.  http://www.larrycastillophotography.com/

Added Feb 6:

Good resources for colored pencil:
Nicole Caulfield  http://nicolecaulfieldfineart.blogspot.com/
She has lots of instruction in her blog, framing without glass, and a free ebook on doing portraits if you scroll down on the home page.

Leslie Hawes
Amazing and has a "how to" category on her sidebar.

Thursday, February 04, 2016

Pastel Sketching for 438

Sketching with pastels is fun.  Color makes sketches more finished looking with less work, right?

I sketched on Canson paper with a variety of pastel sticks.  This was quick, 15 or 20 minutes.

For Scavenger Hunt 438 http://www.wetcanvas.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1397875

Number 7, fruit - pear
Number 8, vegetable - Italian tomato (very large for the type), a veggie in my mind, some of you may call it a fruit.
Number 9, egg
Number 10, plate

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