For the month of April, I have two paintings at the
Austin Pastel Society Member Show
Georgetown Public Library, 402 W. 8th Street, Georgetown, TX 78626
Phone: (512) 930-3552
Map http://goo.gl/maps/TrwdX

I will be the featured artist at the
First Friday Artwalk, May 2, 2014

Bastrop Bling Company
705 Pine Street, historic downtown, Bastrop, Texas
5:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Squirrel Fun (No Art)

Gene has finally found some squirrel proof bird feeders.  He always thought that "squirrel proof" was an oxymoron.  So here we go:

Here is the squirrel contemplating his breakfast.  A bit windy which doesn't help.  How do they climb the steel poles?

Trying out the openings in the feeder.

Giving up, he tried the other side first before I got the camera.

Back to scavenge what he can on the ground.

And a bonus of my poor photo of the Blood Moon.  It was pretty cold to be out there at 2:15 a.m., but so beautiful to see.  The whole sky was amazing.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Trouble Focusing

You know I have been having a hard time focusing on and making art.  I found this article today on the Fine Art Views Art Marketing Newsletter.  This statement caught my eye:

Life is short, especially when you're in the last third of life. You can no longer afford to make wimpy art, I tell myself.

I should take heed to this statement and article and evaluate my paintings.  I'll let you know how it goes.  :)  Below I put a few samples of my most recent work to think about.

Let me know what you think of the article ....


Be a Rebel!

by Sue Martin

This would be a good time to write a new seasonal artist statement. Perhaps it's something that doesn't quite fit now, but one that you will grow into as you continue your new season of art making. [...]

Read the rest of this article at:

This excerpt appears courtesy of FineArtViews Art Marketing Newsletter by FASO,
a free email newsletter about art, marketing, inspiration and fine living for artists,
collectors and galleries (and anyone else who loves art).

For a complimentary subscription, visit: http://www.faso.com/art-marketing-newsletter


Siesta Time
Pastel, 24 x 18 inches

Flor de Cholla
Pastel, 7 x 5 inches

Pastel 14 x 11 inches

Desert Dancers
Acrylic 6 x 12 inches

Hour Cow
Pastel 7 x 5 inches
Daybreak Pines
12 x 18 inches

Twilight Pines
16 x 20 inches
Info about these paintings and more on my website at:

Added Note, two minutes after posting:
I posted this and then realized immediately that it is April 15.  Not many folks have time to browse on the web.  They are doing taxes!!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Hunting - Bra?

Yes, hunting something supportive -- a bra.  Did the headline grab your attention?  Looking for something to sketch is not always easy.  Also on the Scavenger Hunts we try to be a bit different.  My "spiral" was pretty normal.  Looking for "supportive" was a challenge.  Kivrin, from the Scavenger Hunt,  had sketched a cane.  We have plenty of those around but I wanted something more.   Hmmmm.

I sketched yesterday in the big sketchbook with the Micron 05 pen, just a few minutes, freehand.  This is for Scavenger Hunt 355.

Number 8, spiral - the spiral score book I use.
Number 9, supportive - a folded bra

On a good news - bad news story my art link for the day:

Good News:  Kristopher Battles, Marine Corps Artist, was hired to make the Marine Corps Aviation Association Monument. http://www.flymcaa.org/Marine-Corps-Aviation-Monument.aspx  That is great!  Looks like it will be beautiful and meaningful.  You can donate on that page.

You can follow his story and see the project in the making on his blog here:

Kristopher posted many sketches and stories during his time as a Marine Corps Artist.  Browse through his blog.  You can learn about painting, sculpting, sketching in battle and the Marines.

Bad News:  Kristopher was released from active duty recently.  Are they downsizing and cutting the budget this way?  I guess art is always the first to go in education. To me the sketches and paintings mean more than a photo.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Jamboree Sketching Photos

Yesterday, Gene decided to bike/trike the Pedal Through the Pines trail which goes through Buecher State Park. The trail is closed tomorrow as they are having the MS 150 Bike Ride.  The ride started in Houston this morning, the riders overnight in La Grange and finish tomorrow in Austin.  Larry is taking photos and stays with us.  We get to visit with him for a few hours.  Nice!

I decided to go along with Gene to Smithville, just to "do" something.  I am so not painting.  The trail Gene wanted to ride starts  at Riverbend Park.  As we drove up about 12:00 noon there was a small carnival and some booths.  The food booths were open and there were a few people around.  Gene unloaded and took off.

I walked over to see what was up.  It is Jamboree in Smithville, Texas.  It is sort of a fair with the food, carnival, livestock show, softball tournaments, horseshoe tournaments, live music and dancing.  There were not many folks around yet.  School wasn't out so just a few people catching some lunch.  The carnival was not open. As we left about 3:30 p.m. the carnival workers were putting out the prizes and starting "their engines".  So good timing on our part.

While Gene was getting in his 21 mile ride, I had lunch and sketched in my sketchbook Sue gave me.  It has paper that will accept a bit of water.  I used a Micron 05 pen and my little watercolor kit.

I was able to use some of the sketches for Scavenger Hunt 355.  You can click on the photos to make them larger.

Number 5, goes outside

Number 6, person

Number 7, flower - carnations at home

Gene stopped at Dixie's Den of Antiquities on the way home to look for a cane for his collection.  I sketched for about 5 minutes.  So much more "stuff" than in my sketch.

Gene starting his ride.

The exciting ferris wheel.  This would be my least favorite of carnival rides. I hate heights and stopping on top is so eerie for me.  I find it easier to get on a roller coaster.

Some wildflowers out back including three more little bluebonnets.  Spring has sprung!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Blog Planning and a Sketch

When writing a blog, you should have something to say.  I usually have plenty to say, but not always worth putting out in the world.  Some bloggers make notes, write several at a time and post on a schedule and then post to their blog.

You have noticed that I blog when the notion strikes or if I happen to sketch or paint.  After reading other "how to" blogs and information, it seems I would have more followers if I posted regularly and had a more consistant theme - all art for example.  Not me!  I attempt to have plenty of art, links to favorite artists and blogs, some instruction and some general thoughts about painting and life.

There is a blog that reviews pastel artists.  My blog didn't make the cut because I post about family, baseball and anything I find interesting.  Evidently my followers are OK with my style.  It is always fun to see a new follower.  I thank all of you that read and give me an outlet for my journaling.

I have mentioned before that I could never keep a diary.  I would write for a few days straight, then once a week, then once in a while until I didn't write anymore.  I've been writing this blog since 2006.

I don't make lists, I never read them.  I do write grocery lists because Gene does the grocery shopping (I love him for that!  ....And he makes my coffee in the morning!  Thanks, Gene!) and packing lists when we travel so I don't forget things.  However one year when we were going to New Mexico and I was having a show in Magdalena the week we got there, I made a list and put things in a briefcase.  I didn't have the briefcase on a list so we left it behind. All my brochures, painting tags, raffle tickets, scissors, tape, clips, etc.  We had to rush to Socorro and reprint everything.   So much for a list for me!

How do you plan your blogs?

Oh, and here is the reason I started this post.  I sketched on my iPad with the app, Brushes, and my fingers.  The sketch was about twenty minutes in the making for Scavenger Hunt 355.

Number 4, comfortable - Gene reading his paper on the computer.

Another note, we have new internet service.  We tried it out and it works pretty well, so I cancelled the expensive Wild Blue Excede Satellite Service.  It was about $105 a month, just for internet.  It was fast and worked well, but we received 15G a month with free time from midnight to 5:00 a.m.  Being very conservative we used right at the 15G and I did all our updating phones, and much of our downloading after midnight.  Not convenient.  Our new service is with Evolve.  We have a hotspot which we can take with us around the area.  We haven't needed portability as we have our phones, but it is there if we do.  The new service is fast 4G or LTE and about $60 a month with 45G.  So far so good.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Sketching and Memories

Sketching is a way for me to keep going and interested in working on my art.  When I don't have the desire to get in my studio or out in the fresh air and paint, I try to sketch something.  The Scavenger Hunts have been a good way to keep me at it.  I realized yesterday that I hadn't sketched for almost a week.  Not good.  So here is my sketch for Scavenger Hunt 355 that started on April 7.

Number 1, folded - the red napkin
Number 2, multicolored the other napkin
Number 3, with holes - my galic keeper, gift from Jennie.  I see as I look at it in this smaller photo that the keeper isn't that large compared to the napkins.  I didn't notice in the bigger sketch.  Interesting.  I see it now!

Pastel on Colourfix Paper
14 x 18 inches

I have my desktop set to all my photos on my computer.  Just now an old painting came on.  It made me smile.  It is pastel on sanded paper.  Gene gives me little stuffed animals on holidays and these sat on this little shelf in my studio at the other house.  So cute.   Just a memory now.......  a good one.  It seems to me as I grow older most memories are good ones.  That is OK with me.  Smiling.

Monday, April 07, 2014

Lack of Education But Learning (Cactus Bloom Photo)

If you are a long time reader of my blog, you know that I did not have formal art education.  I am also not a big history buff.  Living in small town Magdalena in New Mexico we had no art in school after about 5th grade.  My aunt was an artist in Albuquerque and the ranch where my Mom grew up.  Mom was a doodler with cows and horses and things she knew.  I had no reason to become an artist.

My point is that I have slowly learned a bit about art and art history.  You are never to old to learn.  Among the many artist friends that have helped me along in my art history education are two you have heard about on my blog before. They both are so interesting and well educated. 

*  The first is sculptor, painter Kelly Borsheim.  I met Kelly here in Bastrop way back in about 1999 or so.  She is super good at her profession in all media, but sculptor extraordinaire.  She is prolific in her studies and shares in person and in writing.  You can get an art education in a few hours by reading her newsletters.  They include travel info, photos and so much more.  She is in Italy now and shares so much with us.  Here is a link to her current newsletter.

From there you can read back issues, subscribe to newsletters and blogs really improve your knowledge.  Be prepared to be there a while. You can see her work in San Antonio this month at the

Greenhouse Fine Art  Salon 2014
2222 Breezewood Blvd. (note: "new location")
San Antonio, TX 78209 


Sculptors Dominion
Villa del Carmen Conservatory Gallery and Sculpture Garden
11354 Vance Jackson St.
San Antonio, Texas USA

*  The other is Katherine Tyrrell, my art encyclopedia.  She is in England.  I first started following her blog back in 2006 when I started off in the blogosphere.  She is a sketcher, pastelist, colored pencil artist and more.  She writes about art on the internet, history, technique, and sooooo much more.  She has thousands of followers and we rely on her for info on technique, equipment, contests, and help.  Again be prepared to spend some time getting to know Katherine.

You can start here on her blog and follow her links to amazing information.

Making a Mark
Have fun on this journey, I don't expect to see you back here for a while.  You will be fascinated and occupied elsewhere.  Ha.

I will be posting about upcoming events and show some new paintings soon.  Have fun, see you soon, I hope!

Our Christmas Cactus has one bloom and one bud.  I put it in a larger pot and I guess that is why it didn't bloom at all for Christmas.   Read the story about it here:

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