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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Road Trip Sketches - Photos

I did more sketching for Hunt 429.  I just haven't had time to post them.  Regular travel sketchbook and Micron 05 for most of them and one on the iPad with my fingers and Brushes.

Number 4, sprays - varnish
Number 5, ellipses - Coke glass

Number 6, eyes - guess whose?
Number 7, shiny - crystal chandelier.  Actually look down on it from the stairs going to the basement at David's
Number 8, bottom view
Number 9, top view
Number 10, nose and Number 11, mouth - again, guess whose?

Number 12, turns brown over time - bananas
Number 13, ears - Daisy's, Christy's beagle
Number 14, hair - Christy's

Number 15, lengthens when unattended - Gene's beard
Number 16, bends in 2 or more places - his fingers

** *** ** *** **

We have had such a good time here in Kentucky.  We opted to have a favorite meal instead of traditional Thanksgiving.  Lisa made her great gumbo.  I made a gluten free carrot cake for Carolyn's birthday and Lisa and Christy made her Coconut cake that Gene and Cole love.  In between we had New Mexico chile for breakfast and dinner with Lisa's wonderful ribs.  Of course we have all overeaten.

We play Telefunken, a progressive rummy game, and Hearts and just have a lot of fun.  Carolyn, niece, and Robert came from Knoxville to do the bourbon tours with us and visit.  That was super.  Never enough time.  David and Lisa are having a new home built so we got to see the foundation and on a beautiful property.

We were able to visit with the Texas, New Mexico and Arizona families by Facetime and Telegram.  They had traditional Thanksgiving at Jennie's.  We have had a wonderful time which we are so Thankful for.  That is what Thanksgiving is all about to me. Thanks to all you blog readers that share my world, too.

It was Jennie's birthday on Tuesday.  We missed her birthday, but I sketched her dogs for her birthday card.  Happy Birthday, Jennie.

We had a margarita painting class!  There were six of us painting. 

Gene made his famous margaritas for us.

Carolyn and her painting.

David and I when Telefunken was going strong.  We were way to serious at this moment.  Ha.

Art at Maker's Mark distillery.  Beautiful blown glass ceiling.

The view from David's new place.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Travel Hunting Sketches Photos

CWe took AMTRAK from Austin to St. Louis. We thought we would have Wi-Fi and I would have extra time to write blogs and read. No Wi-Fi! We managed to get some reading done and take a few photos. It was great not to have to drive for two days. My sketches were few and far between as well. Maybe I will do better on the way back.

It is now Scavenger Hunt 429. Here are a few sketches with the Micron 05 in the travel sketchbook.

Number 1, hinges open; number 2, needs batteries and number 3, needs hot water - dirty dishes

Gene on the train.
Ft. Worth

St. Louis
Fall colors

Bourbon tour, Lexington and Frankfort, Kentucky 

I don't drink bourbon, but if you take 3 sips, the third is smooth.  Especially followed by dark chocolate bourbon balls.


Limestone warehouse.

Full and ready to move to warehouse to store.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Thunderbird Sketch

I'm always procrastinating.  Today I'm procrastinating about getting ready for our trip.  We are taking AMTRAC to St. Louis and driving to our son's in Kentucky for Thanksgiving.  Should be interesting.

I used the usual stuff for sketching for Scavenger Hunt 428.  http://www.wetcanvas.com/forums/showthread.php?p=20654859&posted=1#post20654859

Number 5, sleek - Gene's Thunderbird
Number 6, roll - of tape

Gene won the 1965 Thunderbird at a raffle to benefit The Bugle Boy a few years ago.  It has been fun to have and now they are having fundraisers to get a new roof and more.  Gene donated the car back to them to help with the roof.  So a sketch to say, "Adios, T-Bird."

Gene's "sleek" Thunderbird.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Moving On Sketches

Trying to get over procrastinating.  I didn't make much progress but did a little sketching in a hurry.

I sketched a half page in the large sketchbook.  I worked quickly with my Prismacolor 01 fine line marker/pen and added some watercolor.

For Scavenger Hunt 428  http://www.wetcanvas.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1392408

Number 1, dimpled - yes, that is supposed to be a pink golf ball.  Oh, well!
Number 2, smooth - a tiny pottery jug from Chile that survived the old fire.
Number 3, rough - a small rock that sits on my shelf in my studio.  Can't remember where it is from at the moment.
Number 4, sharp - Gene's letter opener.  He keeps them sharp to open packages.  Yikes!  A challenge to do an item in dry and wet media.  I am considering the ink sketch as dry ??? and then the watercolor as wet. 

Now back to procrastinating and perhaps go get a hamburger for dinner.  Roadhouse here we come.

Get With It, Stop Procrastinating

As Susan Gibson sang about last night in a song she said should be called "Word to Self" .  I'm pretty sure she hasn't recorded it but you can check out her music at http://www.susangibson.com/  She performs about five times a week, if you get a chance to see her ...  go see her.  She is a great story teller, guitarist and singer.  It was a great show.  She is having a free show in Luchenbach today!
Donations accepted for the food pantry in Fredericksburg. http://www.luckenbachtexas.com/events

Anyway the song is about just doing what you set out to do.  Which is the point of my post.  I have been in SUPER procrastination mode.  I think it is close to depression.  You know you have things to do and you still turn on the TV.  Sometimes we feel overwhelmed and the best thing is just to start one thing.

Barney Davey has some ideas on this post. 

Good ideas for anyone, not just artists.  Get organized and get up off your duff and get busy!

Now where is that list for our trip on Thursday????

Projects in the wings, in no particular order....

  • comission
  • painting for Jennie and Brandon
  • painting for David
  • painting for Carolyn
  • painting for Roxxane and Cody
  • paintings for the gallery
  • etc........
I will start by fixing brunch..... and avoiding my studio.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Pastel Sketch of Ron's Snow

I haven't been painting, only sketching as you all know.  I decided today to get out the pastels for a sketch for wetcanvas.com in the southwest forum for the November/December challenge.  Ron Swearingen put up the photos for us to use.  Beautiful scenes in Wyoming where he lives. 

You can see some of his western art here and then click on his home page to see more.  I really like his pastel paintings.  Big surprise, eh?

Anyway I spent about an hour on this pastel sketch.

Ron's Snow
9 x 12 inches on Colourfix Card

I had painted a quick windmill on this paper on one of the days we went plein air painting here in Bastrop.  You can see it on this post:  http://jocastilloartblog.blogspot.com/2014/06/sketching-update-pastel-plein-air-and.html  Today's sketch was a good opportunity to reuse the paper especially as it is torn on the right side.  It can be trimmed to a smaller size and painted on another time.  Another reason to like using pastels!  
I will remind you of a few reasons that I like painting with pastels:

  • You can leave them out, ready to paint.
  • Fast, no waiting for paint to dry.
  • Rich colors with not much fading if you use good pastels.
  • Durable
  • Easy to create texture or have a smooth finish
  • Under painting with water, alcohol, spirits or just dry pastel
  • It is drawing and painting at the same time
  • Easy to make changes
I'm sure I will think of many more pastel pluses after I post this.

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