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Art Connections Gallery 908 Main Street, Bastrop Texas 512 581-1799 http://artconnectionsgallerybastrop.com/

Let me know and I can meet you there to discuss my art.

Stop by on Saturday, February 28, 12 noon to 3 p.m. after you have lunch at the Empty Bowl at the high school. I will be demonstrating pastel painting.

I have paintings for sale on my website

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Hunting 395 Sketches and Art Link

I sketched today, as usual very quickly and today extra sketchy.  I wanted to get something done for this Scavenger Hunt 395.  http://www.wetcanvas.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1373207

Number 1, stack of something - packs of playing cards
Number 2, pair - a pair of twos from the cards on top
Number 4, light - play of light on the wall and floor
Number 5, corner - this is in the dining room near the sliding door to the porch
I sketched with a Micron 05 pen in the large sketchbook

Art Link for today:

Interesting that Mary Aslin paints still life outside, plein air.  She has a good blog and an informative newsletter.


By the way, I went to the UT Baseball game last night and met up with Joanna.  The Longhorns beat the Broncs from UT PanAm 5 - 4.  The temperature when I got there was 63 or 64 degrees F.  At the end of the game it was 50 degrees and by the time I drove home it was 43 degrees.  Not a pleasant baseball evening in that respect.  The game was close, which it probably shouldn't have been.  Sometimes the Longhorns let down when they are doing well and the team they are to play is not in the same league.  They woke up at the end and made it exciting.  The Broncs were ahead 4-0 until the fifth inning then the Horns got a run and slowly caught up and won in the 9th with a walk off hit with 2 outs and 2 on.  Jeepers! For info about the Texas Longhorns go to texassports.com and click on Baseball.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Papalote Cuatro and Lago Lindo - Pastel Paintings.

I painted a small pastel painting to replace the small painting that was sold at Art Connections.  I ordered the frame and set out to do the painting.  I intended on ordering a 6 x 12 frame the same size as the other.  Guess what?  I ordered a 4 x 12 frame.  That is rather small for me to paint on and also a looooong view for a landscape.  I planned on a windmill and added the barn to have a complete scene for the format.  The painting is available at Art Connections (address above). 

Papalote Cuatro
Pastel on Colourfix Pastel Card
12 x 4 inches  $150.00

Here is Papalote Cuatro framed against UV protected glass.  A little reflection on it as it sits on the easel.  It has a hanger and also a support to sit it on a table.

* * * * * * * * * *

I did not post about the first small painting.  I painted it just before the February Show started and didn't have a chance to post about it.  I painted in long format to frame as a triptic.  I wanted to do a small painting and this was the only frame available other than a 5 x 7 format. 

 Lago Lindo
Pastel on Colourfix Pastel Card
12 x 6 inches
I did not get a picture of the painting in a frame but this gives you some idea of how it looks.  I'm very pleased it sold to my friend and collector,  Marlene.  Thanks!

* * * * * * * * * *

Something I need to try:

Richard McKinley showed how to make a surface and underpainting with Liquitex Clear Gesso in his latest blog.  Very interesting to add texture on watercolor or other surface that can be wet to accept the texture.

Is it cold where you are?  It is in the 30s here today.  Very cold for our part of the world.  I plan on painting outside at Art Connections on Saturday, see previous post or above for details.  If it is too cold to be outside, I will be there to visit, sketch and maybe paint inside.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Long Story Newsletter - Do You Like Art?

I sent out a newsletter to my list of the Bastrop area.  I thought some of you might be interested as well.  Sorry if you already are on my list.  So here you go:

Do You Like Art?

Evidently you do or you wouldn't read my blog, follow me on social media or keep receiving my newsletter.  It is very interesting to talk with people about what art means to them and about the art they own.

Art is important in my world, not only because I am a painter.  I believe it is a way to communicate across language barriers.  I enjoy looking at all types of art.  I believe in buying art that makes me smile and touches my heart.  I grew up in ranching country in New Mexico and I love the southwest.  I have never had a completely southwest style home.  My dream home is like the one in my painting, Siesta Time.
Siesta Time, Pastel on Pastelbord, Framed, 18 x 24 inches $950 at Art Connections.

In real life we own paintings purchased from friends and artists we know or admire their work. Like so many friends in Bastrop, we lost everything in the 2011 fire. We are slowly replacing our modest collection of paintings, sculptures and other pieces from this area and some from South America.  The mishmash of our artwork all fits together somehow and makes our house a home.  When you like it, anything goes!

Years ago in Peru, a friend asked Gene and I to help her hang a new large painting.  The three of us picked a spot to hang it.   It was an abstract oil painting of Andean women in their hats.  It was shades of browns, tans and black as I recall, by a well known Peruvian artist. The painting looked great in her living room and a visitor would see it when you came in the front door.

While Gene was hanging it, she asked me if I liked the painting.  I told her that I liked it very much. 

"Where would you put it in your house?" she asked.

"I wouldn't put it in my house." My answer surprised her.

She did not understand how I could like it and not want it. I assured her that it was perfect for her contemporary style and not right for me.  Her living room looked beautiful with the painting in place.

Do you have a favorite piece and can't "have" it?  Do you have any art in your home?  How about your office?  Sometimes when you can't afford a piece you can purchase a print or copy of the original.  That is fine, I just prefer to have the "real deal".  Sometimes you can buy art on a time payment plan if you discover that it is a little pricey.  You can barter for art, too.

Artists understand if your walls are full. (You can rotate your art, though.)  Certain types of art may not be for you, even if you like it. You can see it in museums or other places.  There are other ways to support artists and fellow artists.  You can attend openings and share you findings with your friends and acquaintances.  You could have a show in your home or business.  Moral support goes a long way, too.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

I will be painting on Saturday, February 28, 12:00 noon to 3:00 p.m. in downtown historic Bastrop, Texas, at Art Connections Gallery, 908 Main Street.  It would be fun to see you there, bring and tell your friends.  I will be demonstrating pastel painting.  And, as the old Bartles and James commercials said, "I appreciate your support!"

My pastel paintings are at Art Connections through February, as Featured Artist with Sharon Zeugin.  I am sure that there is a piece of art that is perfect for you or a friend in Art Connections Gallery -- paintings, sculpture, weavings, glass, pottery, kaleidoscopes, jewelry, tables, and soooo much more.  The gallery hosts about 90 artists from Bastrop and across the country.

My paintings available at Art Connections Gallery
908 Main Street, Bastrop, Texas  512 581 1799

The Empty Bowl project is on that day, Saturday, February 28, at Bastrop High School, 1614 Chamber Street, from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.  For $20.00 you get to pick a handmade bowl (most made by young students), soup provided by the area gourmet restaurants and a silent art auction.  Proceeds benefit the Area Food Pantry. 

Have a bit of lunch there (I will be doing that.) then come watch me paint.  You will be helping our whole community.

I bought these bowls last year.  The red and blue ones made by students, I paid for two lunches because I couldn't decide between the two.  The bluebonnet bowl is by Lea Blue. I purchased two of them in the silent auction. Lea creates wonderful hand painted and hand thrown pottery at Blue Donkey Studio Gallery. http://www.bluedonkeygallery.com/

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