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Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Big Book Sketches

I sketched in the big coffee table book.  It is about 2/3 to 34 finished.  So many sketches and some of the same things.  We don't have any new hands or faces around here!  I don't like repeats in the book but....

For Scavenger Hunt 663

Number 3, used or put on your face - glasses
Number 4, used or put on your hands - rings

I used facetime on my iMac as a mirror for my glasses so I sketched by the computer with a Prismacolor 01.

***  **  ***  **  ***

We went to town to mail a package.  We had a Whataburger for lunch and then went for a drive.  We came upon the zebras.  We saw them a few months ago and if you remember the item "zebra" came up on the Scavenger Hunts a few days later.  We drove out there several times and didn't find them.  I thought I might have dreamed them.  They are real.  Guess they are about as rare as snow in Central Texas!

A few exotic deer types in the foreground.

Better of the zebras.  Too bad they weren't closer.  These are magnified on my phone so not real clear.
It was fun to find them again.

Our temperature is back in the 60s today.  Nice!


Joan Tavolott said...

It is hard not to get repeats of some items in the sketchbooks. How great that they have zebras on the property! I would think I was dreaming it too. lol

Jo Castillo said...

Hi Joan, Yep, it was weird when we saw the zebras the first time. Gene didn't really see them as he was driving. We didn't go back for a day or two and couldn't find them. We thought I had been seeing things or dreaming! My sketching hasn't changed much over the years and have sketched my hands so many times and I have limited jewelry, not my thing. Thanks for stopping in.

Bag Blog said...

I'm glad you got a picture of the zebras and other wild critters or I might have been asking what kind of wine you were drinking :)

Jo Castillo said...

Bag Blog, it was weird because Gene didn't see them the first time. He was skeptical, "You saw what?"

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