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Thursday, November 29, 2018

Plein Air at the Ranch Watercolor

Yesterday was the plein air group day and my watercolor class day.  The plein air bunch met up at 9E Ranch with Joan Bohls hosting.  We were four artists so got a bit of visiting in.  I was there from about 9:30 a.m. to 11:45 a.m. or so.

I sat inside the fence and painted the back deck and view.  There wasn't much sun and then it got windy.   There are many more trees and some pretty good fall color.  I only worked on it for two hours and added the ink at home.  I should have tried the ink on plastic over the painting before I added it.  I liked it better before adding the ink.  The small version looks better than the original.  The original is in a watercolor sketchbook, 9 x 12 inches.

For Scavenger Hunt 566
Number 6, something you are wishing for - painting watercolor better without working at it!  I'm such a procrastinator.

The background yellow is too warm so not pushed back.  I will see if I can add some more lemon yellow and see what happens.  Usually though, once finished I never go back.  I painted with the watercolor brushes that hold water so I wouldn't have to have water in a container.  Good for sketching but not really for a big painting, you don't get the watery feeling.

I returned to Bastrop and stopped at Sonic for a burger.  I hadn't had one of those in so long.  It was great with a diet cherry limeade.   They make those with diet 7-up  I hear, but making them at home isn't the same.  Maybe it is the Styrofoam cups, eh?

I arrived at the Art Center for class.  Oops, no yellow Volkswagon beetle outside.  Pomona is never late.  Polly wasn't their either.  Someone was confused.  I had the art center put it on the calendar so it wasn't us.  Needless to say the class didn't happen.  Good thing I worked with watercolor earlier.

I did get to visit with Lester Sensat which is always good for me.  Visited a bit with some of the other artists.

I called Pomona, she thought our class was over .. so.  She and I are going to go to Smithville with the Plein Air group next Wednesday if things work out.  Maybe I will get out my pastels for that day.

*** ** *** ** *** ** ***

Bag Blog, Lou, posted about her grandson knocking a front tooth loose and then it got abscessed and he lost two teeth.  It reminded me of Larry when we were in Chile.  He was a young toddler.  Gene was on the porch watching Larry and Jennie play.  I looked out and Larry was standing on a tricycle trying to use the brace bar on the swing set like monkey bars.  I told Gene he was going to fall.  "Oh, quit being such a mom, he will be fine!" was the answer.

In about 15 minutes, here they come with Larry crying and Gene had one of Larry's front teeth in his hand.  We called the dentist and he said he would look to see if anything else was broken.  We went in, must have been on the weekend because Gene was home, and the dentist looked him over.  Nothing else going on and the tooth was probably just out and his permanent tooth would grow in when it was supposed to.  But .... (the big but) ... "I have been doing research on some glue and would like to try to glue it in and see if the root would grow again since it hadn't been very long," the dentist said.  He would not charge us for the visit and would very much like to try his experiment.  It would not bother his other teeth.  Well, not bad to have the charges waived.  He glued it in with his special technique.  Larry was not to bite anything hard, etc.  I took him back weekly for a check on the tooth.

Larry has always liked apples and fruit and salad.  A few weeks after the accident he really wanted to eat an apple with Jennie and not have it cut up for him.  I became Gene then and couldn't see him not enjoying an apple like any other kid.  Well, it pulled the tooth out.  It had not grown back.  The dentist was very unhappy with me, but Larry was happy!  He was toothless for a long time but had plenty of apples!


Joan Tavolott said...

Glad you did get some watercolor painting done and I'm sorry your afternoon class wasn't held due to the mixup.

Your story with Larry's tooth made me smile. I was really young when I knocked out my front tooth. I was going to sleep on my grandmother's bed (which was very high) and was drinking from my glass baby bottle. I rolled off the bed and landed with my mouth hitting either the bottle or the floor...not sure which. But it knocked out my tooth and in every photo of me for years I was missing that tooth until my permanent tooth came in.

Jo Castillo said...

Joan, the good thing is I see Pomona a lot for sketching so can ask her questions about watercolor. :-)

Ouch on your tooth. Yep, a long wait for the permanent tooth to come. Larry has beautiful teeth now. You, too, it looks like! Thanks.

Mary said...

I really like this piece, Jo. It would have been fun to see it both ways (with and without the ink), but you're like me, I think--not taking photos of works in progress much. I'm trying to do that more, and the results may end up in my blog at some point. Who knows? "Ha," as Jo would say.

Jo Castillo said...

Mary, thanks so much. I went back and worked on it a tiny bit more, added a few trees since it is in the woods. I will post it for you. I always plan to take photos, then get into the painting and forget...

bag blog said...

Those squeezable watercolor brushes are fun, but definitely not for serious or big projects.

The grandboy is doing fine without his teeth. He looks really tough!

Jennifer Rose said...

watercolour painting is hard! looks easy but it isnt. I wish I had more time to practice, but not for awhile now, maybe next year lol

could have been a lot worse with his teeth, thankfully it wasn't. but kids do stupid things like stand on handlebars (or jump off high trees......not that I did that)

Jo Castillo said...

Bag Blog, thank you. Gotta love those grandbabies. Our great grands are sure growing.

Jo Castillo said...

Jennifer Rose, yes, watercolor is hard and requires practice. Maybe next year for me, too.. Oops too old, may not be a next year. Yikes. Although they say 70 is the new 40 or is it 60?
I bet you didn't do anything dangerous .. me either. Guess it is a mom thing to worry.

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