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Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Hunting for 423, Sketches

Some quick morning sketches from the porch and the dining table.  I sketched in the large sketchbook with the Prismacolor 01 fine line marker/pen and a bit of colored pencil on the fruit.

Number 5, branches
Number 6, leaf - geranium
Number 7, bush - under the trees across the way.  I have no idea what kind they are.
Number 8, fruit - regular size pear and a small apple and clementine.

*   ***   *   ***   *   ***   *

Gene reads a lot and I used to, so we are interested in words and grammar.  Gene gets a "word of the day" from dictionary.com  http://dictionary.reference.com/  every day.  He forwards it to me if he thinks I will be interested.  This was the word a couple of days ago.  I especially liked the quote that came with it.  I'm thinking that my blog is often an amphigory.

\AM-fi-gawr-ee, -gohr-ee\
1. a meaningless or nonsensical piece of writing, especially one intended as a parody.

For all this, Schott's Original Miscellany is strangely unputdownable. It is the mother of all miscellanies, aka an amphigory, a medley, a pot-pourri, a gallimaufry, a salmagundi, an omnium-gatherum, a vade mecum, a smorgasbord… Oh boy, but Schott is a snapper-up of unconsidered trifles, a mad magpie at large in the wide world of facts and words.
-- Robert McCrum, “God bless you, Mr Schott,” The Guardian, December 7, 2002


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

amphigory is one of those words that I think looks and sounds like its definition lol

Bag Blog said...

I'll be back after I get my dictionary.

Jo Castillo said...

Jennifer Rose, you are so right!! Meaningless!

Bag Blog, you rarely need a dictionary to read my blog. Ha.

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