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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Blog Saturday or Not?

"They" of the advice/marketing blogs say you should not blog on Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays.  I tend to agree, especially about Fridays.  That is the day the politicians always release bad news as it sort of slips by.

At any rate, I tend to post when I have something exciting to tell or have my routine Scavenger Hunt sketches to post.  Today is a bit of both.

First my sketches for Scavenger Hunt 345.  I sketched in the new large sketchbook with a plan of six sketches to the page.  I used the same Prismacolor Premier 03 pen/fine line marker.  I took about 10 minutes each sketching the first two on January 21 and the others this morning.

Number 1, made of wood.  Some small folding tables from Peru.  They are wooden with leather tops.  Number 2, made of glass.  A coaster that is painted on the reverse side of the glass with a wooden backing, also from Peru.

We had one of the tables with us in New Mexico so it didn't burn in the big fire in Bastrop in 2011.  The other one and the coasters were given "back" to us recently from the Mear family.  Kathy bought them for her folks when she visited us in Peru.  Both of her parents passed away not too long ago.  The family thought we would like to have these memories.  Nice, eh?

Number 3, square - another table from Peru with Number 4, rectangle - a piece of masonite on the table.  Number 5, metal - the grate in the fireplace.  At least it appears to be metal.  That is an electric fireplace so it may well be plastic.  Hmmmm.

Added this photo about a half hour after posting.  Thought you might like to see one of the tables and coasters.

And for my exciting part, some interesting links:

I "discovered" a new graphite artist.  Geri Dunn, who does wonderful western drawings.  Just beautiful.

Check out Sharon Crute's blog post of January, 20, Permission to be Great.   Then just do it!  I'm going to try it!  Let me know what happens .....

And an informative article by Richard McKinley, A Painters Guide to Composition, Using the Elements of Design for Stronger Paintings.  He is a very good painter and teacher.

I hope your weekend is just great, I plan on painting.  Really!


Bag Blog said...

Thanks for the links. That graphite artist is pretty amazing.

Jo Castillo said...

Bag Blog, Geri Dunn is amazing. I always admire the patience and dexterity of pencil artists. I get bored if I take long in doing something.

Joanna said...

Like your sketches today, Mom.

And, those are some amazing drawings by Geri Dunn.

Jo Castillo said...

Thanks, Joanna. :)

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