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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Doggie Bronco Fan

You need to go check out Jan Gibson's blog here to see a cute Bronco fan. He looks like our grand-dog, Snuggles, who is also a Bronco fan. Jennie will love this painting. You will like roaming around Jan's blog and seeing her other work as well.

Thanks, Jan.


Jan said...

Thanks for posting my link here on your blog, Jo.

I'm so glad you liked Annie and that she reminds you of your granddog! Unfortunately, Annie will have to be painted again as our dear USPS put a non-removable crease in the painting.

I had packaged the painting with both cardboard, the matboard and foamboard and those dear public servants from the Postal Service still managed to bend the package! And this was sent after Christmas when the package level should have been substantially diminished!

So, Annie will be immortalized in another portrait! So glad you enjoyed this one.

Thanks again!

Jo Castillo said...

Hi Jan, it is my pleasure to post about your art. Very nice work. Oh, what a shame about the painting. It looked so fresh and spontaneous. Ah, you will only do it better, I am sure. :)

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