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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Reception Austin Pastel Society, San Marcos, Texas

**Reposting November 15, 2007, to add the People's Choice award. I received this e-mail from Jan Weaver:

"I am pleased to announce the Mary Beth Martin won People's Choice with
her painting "Springbok #2". Congratulations Mary Beth!!"

The opening reception in San Marcos on November 9 from 5:00 p.m. to 7:30 pm was very nice. Linda Kelsey Jones and the staff at the Activity Center did a great job. The food was great and there was a welcoming atmosphere. (Note at the bottom added Nov. 11)

I took a few photos. None are great, using a flash at an angle to avoid glares. But, that is the story of pastel paintings. Joanna took some photos as well, so we shall see some of them later. She is a great photographer. Gene and I went from home and met Joanna at the reception. We went to dinner at a nice restaurant, Palmer's, afterwards. Dinner was very nice as well.
The poster from the show with the Best of Show painting on it, "Almost Morning" by Sherry Fields.

My "Tiendita de Chile" and "Full of Hot Air", which won an honorable mention. Hooray! More info about these paintings and better photos here.

The winners "Warm Morning Light" by Jeannette Cuevas and "Almost Morning" by Sherry Fields.

Rosanne "Rosie" Floyd and her painting, Out of the Rocks. Rosie is an artist I first met here in Bastrop. She lives in Austin now, so I don't see her very often.

Regina Calton Burchett's painting, "Texas Sunset #3". You can see a better photo on Regina's page.

Susan Carlin's, Flying Cowgirl and Bake me a Cake, on either end. S'zanne Reynolds', Storm Over Ghost Ranch in the middle.

Char Eppright's
"Girl with Flower" on the left, Susan's "Water Garden" center and Carolyn Kilday's "Orange Poppies" and "Poppy Mix".

Then Rosie's "A Muscian's Road" and my "Stuffed" hanging over the door. I wouldn't have seen them there, but Joanna noticed the odd placement of these two paintings. I think they should have staggered them like the Poppies instead of hanging them there. Strange, right?

The show will be hanging in San Marcos until January 4, 2008, so if you get a chance go by and see it. Hours and more info here on my web page. There are 88 paintings on display so the hallway gallery looks very colorful. The artwork is varied in technique and subject matter. Very interesting to see and most of the artwork is for sale. Additional information about the Austin Pastel Society on the official website.

Note on November 11,
I received a list of the ribbon recipients this morning from Jan Weaver, show chairman. She did a great job with the organization and lugging others paintings to San Marcos. :)

She said:

Congratulations to everyone who entered the Fall Show.

Special recognition to the following:

Best of Show- Sherry Fields-"Almost Morning"

First in Show- Jeanette Cuevas-"Warm Morning Light"
Second in Show- Sue Wiley-"Yellow Beard"
Third in Show- Britta Herzog-"California Sunset"

First in Landscape- Mary Lopez- "Yucca Garden"
Second in Landscape- Rosie Floyd- "Out of the Rocks"
Third in Landscape- Sonja Kever- "River Steps"

First in Portrait- Susan Carlin- "Flying Cowgirl"
Second in Portrait- Kathy Gray- "Rhayven"
Third in Portrait- Janis Langley- "Barrel of Fun"

First in Still Life/Animal- Jan Weaver- "Theo"
Second in Still Life/Animal- Lisa Wright-"Happy Face-Bats"
Third in Still Life/Animal-Rita Kirkman-"Silver"

Honorable Mention:
Jo Castillo-"Full of Hot Air"
Char Eppright- "Santa Fe Adobe"
Johanne Morin- "Volente Marina"
La Verenne Willis- "Easter Sunday"
Virginia Raleigh- "Yard Kitty II"
Donna Gordon- "Morning on the River"
John Bittick- "Chef Blank/Hudson's"
Carolyn Kilday- "Poppy Mix#1"


Bag Blog said...

Congrats on the Honorable Mention! The show looks like it was a good one. Hanging paintings over the door is very odd. I have seen folks who hang art shows try to please certain artist while hanging paintings that they don't like on the back burner. Sometimes it burns me up. But, oh well. Jesse and I had a good experience with our show this last weekend.

Jo Castillo said...

Bag blog, thanks for looking and commenting. I'm pretty sure it was the luck of the draw that we ended up over the door. I do think they could have done it differently, but ... I wasn't doing it. Ha. I have to volunteer to be in charge some time, eh?

Your show sounded nice. Great Jesse was in it, too.


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