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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Procrastinating help for artists and Baseball

Artists and friends, if you have been procrastinating and slugging along, you should take a look at Maggie Steifvater's post today, well yesterday, as it is after midnight now. She has some words to get us goin'. A friendly butt kicking, she says. Also a pearl earring painting with a twist to make you smile. :)

We went to Austin to watch the Horns. Yes, I know that they are in Stillwater, Oklahoma, but the game was on ESPN-U and Time-Warner doesn't have that channel . Joanna, Gene and I went to the Scholz Garten to watch the game. The restaurant/bar is one of the oldest around. It lives on reputation as the food was not great. Desserts surpassed the main courses. Not expensive at least. They were having a big party in the garden for Spamarama. It was a new experience to see the game in a sports bar, of sorts. Especially since the Horns beat Oklahoma State 3 - 2. Some interesting plays and with no sound, I needed explanations from Gene and Joanna. Ha. There were balks, steals, tags that weren't called right, a run down for Texas that even involved Nick from center field. You will have to read about in Joanna's post. What a time. We couldn't have stood the bar scene a few years ago. All Austin public buildings are non-smoking. Yeah!

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