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Monday, November 28, 2022

Travel Photos

 We made a quick trip to Arizona last week for the celebration of life for Gene's brother, Roger.  It was quick and short.  Joanna helped with the driving.  It was wonderful to see the family and old friends.  We took the covered trailer we used to use on our trips to New Mexico and other locations for our nephew.  

We went on Interstate 10 which is such a long straight drive that most of it has an 80 MPH speed limit.  Even at that we saw people pulled over -- evidently speeding.  Wow.  Pulling the trailer on the way kept us to 65 MPH.  Either way it was a 2 day trip each way. Two thirds of the driving is in Texas, 600 plus miles in Texas and 300 plus in New Mexico and Arizona one way.  

Our overnight on the way was in Van Horn, Texas, and Ft. Stockton, Texas on the way back.   We listened to music and an old Tony Hillerman book.  His books about the Navajo police and New Mexico fit in with the trip.

The weather held up for the most part.  Fredericksburg is on the way on Highway 290, still in the hill country of Texas. 

It is a touristy town and they are ready for the holidays.

We saw this along the road, a hint for Gene.

We saw some oil drilling.  Lots of oil pumps, not all pumping at this time.  Near Ft. Stockton.

This is from a previous trip.  I didn't get a good photo this time.

Wind towers are plentiful.  I didn't take photos as I have so many.  This is from an earlier trip.  There are thousands of them.


The trailer in the mirror.  Last shot of that.

 Near Van Horn, Texas, our first night out.


Arriving into New Mexico from El Paso, Texas.

Near Lordsburg, New Mexico.

Then you get to Texas Canyon in Arizona.  Big rocks in the middle of nowhere.
Welcome to Arizona.

Near our destination in Arizona.

We were pleasantly surprised to find two great restaurants on our overnights.  In Van Horn it was the Van Horn Cattle Company.  In Ft. Stockton it was the Sagebrush Cafe.  This was an option over K-Bob's the chain.  We had a great dinner and service.

We got into fog and a gloomy day on the way back.  Not too wet, but some windshield wiper use.

 Start of the fog.

We saw some belted galoways.  We saw that type of cattle for the first time many years ago in Maine.  We haven't seen many out west.

We are closer to home when the sign to Austin shows up and we get on Highway 290 off Interstate 10.

Always lots of construction!

A glimpse of the Austin Skyline in the fogginess under the overpass.

Really close when you see the Buc-ee's advertisements.  One of their ads says something like, "Reasons to stop at Buc-ee's, #1  and #2.  They are a travel stop, famous for their clean restrooms.

Our Buc-ee's.    No big trucks.  Lots of their own brands of food, huge assortment of drinks, bakery, sandwiches (brisket and more) and gifts are found there.  No place to sit, they want you to stop, fill-up and go!

We made it back safely and had our Thanksgiving at Jennie's and Brandon's. More family and lots of good food.   It was a good safe week.  Yahoo, as they used to say on Hee Haw.  Does anyone not know what Hee Haw was?


Joan Tavolott said...

Thanks for the tour. We did the drive west on I-10 when we drove cross-country. The signs for Buc-ee's made me smile. It reminds me of the ads for South of the Border along I-95 heading down south. Sounds like it was a pretty good trip.

Jo Castillo said...

Joan, thank you. It was a quick trip but good to see everyone. Nice Joanna could go and help drive, actually do most of the driving. I was out of the habit of taking photos. Ha.

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