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Sunday, May 16, 2021

Rained Out Sketches

Gene and I went for a walk around the lake/pond.  It has been threatening rain for a couple of days and it just wouldn't show up so we decided to just go.  I took a sketchbook to get an "outdoors" sketch.  Made it to the halfway bench and did a quick start, planning to add color when we got back to the house.  As we started on the second half of the circle, the rain poured.  We went for the pavilion at the fire station.  There were a couple of fishermen there, too.

They showed us a photo of the big fish one caught.  About a 5 pound big mouth .. that is a bass or trout??  Pretty nice catch.  It is catch and release so the photo is the prize.  After about 10 minutes there was a break and we headed for the house.  It rained again just before we got back so we got pretty wet.  Of course we are wash and wear.

Number 4, outdoor - the sketch got a couple of drops of water and ran so then I knew!  No watercolor.

Number 5, pair of - fishermen on break, working on their gear

These sketches are in the 7 x 10 inch Canson Mix Media sketchbook with a Lamy pen.

Now we know how to make the rain come.  We didn't have much more rain after that and now the sun is out.  Go figure!

We plan to go get Popeye's chicken for Gene and fish for me.  Maybe that will get the rain stirred up again.  Surely ... as Gene got the car washed a couple of days ago.  We can use rain.


Bag Blog said...

WE have been getting lots of rain lately. The pond is full and everything is green. The yard looks like a jungle. It has also been fairly cool. I can live with that. Yesterday, it heated up a little after a bit of rain and was muggy. Today is back to being rainy and cool.

Jennifer Rose said...

yep, want it to rain, just go for a walk and try to draw, never fails lol

Jo Castillo said...

Bag Blog, we have enjoyed the cool spring. Baseball was rained out last night but other than that it has been nice. So far this week the rain has missed us. Hoping for some today.

Jennifer Rose, yes. Also washing the car usually helps. :-)

Jennifer Rose said...

yep, trying to ash the car will def get it to rain lol

Jo Castillo said...

Jennifer Rose, sometimes if there is no lightening, Gene washes the cars in the rain. Haven't had enough rain lately.

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