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Sunday, August 11, 2019

Hunt 598 Ink Sketches

Another beautiful day, what can I say?  I sketched in the open garage sitting comfortably in a lawn chair.
For Scavenger Hunt 598

Gene was in his reclining lawn chair after cutting some thistles with the shovel.  Good timing for the Hunt.

Number 4 Shadows - of the trees
Number 5 Shovel
Number 6 Shoulder or body part

Sky is on the list, but it was a solid beautiful blue.  No clouds.  Not easy to sketch in pen and ink.  I will see about getting out the pastels tomorrow.  We are bound to have a few puffy clouds.  It did get partly cloudy after I came in.

It is interesting how the subject sometimes chooses the medium.  Sky and water sketches/paintings need color to be successful for me.  Sketching other things in pen and ink just seem to fit as a sketch.  Ink can show shape and form, but hard to show the nuances of items that are in color.  What is your favorite medium?  I still lean to  pen and ink for sketching, maybe adding a touch of watercolor.  Always, pastels for painting.


Joan Tavolott said...

I can't imagine doing the sky without color either! I like the sketch of Gene holding the shovel.

Joanna said...

Nice shadows. Also: i see sky! :-)

Jo Castillo said...

Joanna, ha. I see a boring sky, too.

Jo Castillo said...

Joan, hi there. Thank you. You are commenting faster than I do!

hmuxo said...

Wow..I love your sketch of Gene on his chair.. perfect sketch, Jo. We had a beautiful day today here in NY so I sat by my pond and just enjoyed sitting there watching the fish.

Jo Castillo said...

Hmuxo, thank you. It’s great that you had a good day, too. Sitting by the pond was a good idea.

Jennifer Rose said...

My favourite medium would be coloured pencils even though I haven't used them for ages but I just like all the colour :)

and nope def needs colour for a sky drawing, unless i was drawing the dog lol

Jo Castillo said...

Jennifer Rose, thanks. I like the results of colored pencil but get bored with the coloring over and over to get rich color. Regina says it is calming. Not for me, ha. The dog comment made me laugh.

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