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Thursday, December 06, 2018

Sketching Marathon

Did the title grab your attention?  Bloggers are supposed to write titles to posts to grab your attention.  No marathon here,  but it feels like sketches take so long when I sketch with watercolor.  It feels like it takes forever and ever  .. no forever is enough.

The plein air bunch, four of us if you call that a bunch, went to Smithville yesterday.  Some of you may have seen the movie, Hope Floats, with Sandra Bullock.  It was filmed in Smithville years ago.  (You can put Smithville in the search box upper left and see more posts, sketches and paintings from Smithville) 

These are for Hunt 567.  http://www.wetcanvas.com/forums/showthread.php?p=21497740

Number 2, rooflines - laid out in pencil and added watercolor.  I forgot the big wreath on the first building on our left.  The ginger bread man was painted like a dog so I left it more like a snowman.  What is up with that?  Maybe the kiddos painted the big ginger bread men that are up and down the street.

Number 3, utility pole - these were down the alley and the number of lines reminds me of South America.  Too many for those poles!

Number 4, smells delicious - the bakery- small travel sketchbook, Prismacolor 05

Oops, almost forgot this:

The day before I sketched Number 1, fists, in the big sketchbook with Prismacolor 03.  We have sketched many hands over the years in the Scavenger Hunts.  Not as hard now as in the beginning.

Our day in Smithville was nice.  We had coffee at the Old World Bakery.  I was disappointed that the latte machine was not working but had regular coffee and a scone.  Joan and I also had lunch there.  I had a chicken salad sandwich.  I know, but they didn't have tuna.  They put cranberries and something in the chicken, then put lettuce, tomatoes and onions on the sandwich so it disguises the chicken and makes it taste good and is edible.  (I "never" knowingly order chicken!)

 Polly sketching across the alley from me.  You can see another gingerbread man, a bit better design.

The scene I was sketching an a pretty day, a bit cool at first.  I sat in the shade, I just can't take the sun and didn't take my Tilley hat.

The alley, hopefully you can see all the lines.  A man stopped and asked me if I just couldn't get it right, I had been there most of the day!

Another artist friend, Jo Watts, stopped by and said hello.  She does beautiful pottery, painted silk and boots, painting and much more.  http://www.jowattsclaysmith.com/


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

blah cranberries in chicken

Jo Castillo said...

Jennifer Rose, heh, heh. I prefer the cranberries to the chicken. When we went to lunch the other day with Larry, the restaurant had turkey salad instead of chicken or tuna salad sandwiches. Interesting. It didn't have cranberries .. should have with the turkey, right?

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