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Thursday, November 30, 2017

No Story Sketch

There should always be an interesting story to post with a sketch.  Not any for today.

Scavenger Hunt 520

Gene needed to go to Lowes for something for the fence he is working on.  We decided to go there and then get a Carl's Jr. burger for dinner.  I sat in the car and sketched.  It was pretty dark but here you go.....

Number 9, swivels open/shut - air vent in car.  Micron 01 in the small Canson sketchbook.

The burgers were good.  I like that you can get a lettuce wrap on the burger.  We were pretty much the only customers.  How do so many fast food places survive?  The main local restaurants are closed on Monday nights so it is Chile's and other fast food places.  Maybe the big shopping events sent everyone home to collapse.

Off to physical therapy, maybe a story will surface there......

Well, no story.  I wrote this on November 28 and did not post it.  So another post with not much to read......


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

hope physical therapy goes ok and you dont end up too sore from it

I have no idea how some fast food places stay open, all I can think is cheap rent for the place

Rose Welty said...

I'm impressed with the vent drawings! That is a hard subject. And, I didn't know about lettuce wraps at Carl's, good to know if I come across one in my travels.

Jo Castillo said...

Jennifer Rose, my knee is better on the day I go to PT, always! Can't show them what hurts. Ha.

Rose, Thank you. I am used to the lettuce wraps and like them better, now. Some places call them a low carb option.

Bag Blog said...

We have a Carl's Jr. here in Duncan that is always busy. The food is not bad, but burgers are not really on my diet. The wraps are nice, though.

Jo Castillo said...

Bag Blog, don't know where this post of yours went. Sorry for not answering. I usually eat the small burger lettuce wrapped and a very few of Gene's taters. Thanks for stopping by.

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