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Sunday, January 08, 2017

Sketching with Stylus on iPad

Joanna gave me a TruGlide stylus, with battery, that I haven't used much.  I had a screen protector on my iPad and the stylus didn't slide on that surface.  I don't have a protector now so tried the stylus on this sketch for Scavenger Hunt 480  http://www.wetcanvas.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1419226

Over all, it works well.  I can be more accurate in some ways.  It seems to have a small delay in the start.  I'm sure if I practice I will get the idea and it will be easy to use.  Today was a learning curve trying the stylus and just drawing on the iPad which I haven't done for a while.  

Joan Tavolott  http://watercolorsbyjoan2.blogspot.com/ used her iPad on the Hunt after not using it for a while either.  That inspired me to get with it.  She is also in one of the painting a day challenges.  You can check her blog to see her lovely watercolor paintings and sketches.

Number 5, hair - the hair and beard
Number 6, ear
Number 7, protects from the sun - hat

Gene was my model, he was reading the paper.  He admonished me for having him wear his hat in the house.


Bag Blog said...

I am so glad that said "Joan Tavolott". It makes so much more sense that "John Travolta," which I read the first time through.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

make sure you have the right driver for your stylus if it has them since that might be causing the lag

Jo Castillo said...

Bag Blog, ha! We will see what Joan says about your comment. Probably the first time she was confused with John Travolta. Funny.

Jennifer Rose, the stylus does not have a driver. No idea why it has a battery. Not bluetooth or anything like that, just a battery.....

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