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Friday, January 22, 2010

Jo's Notions, new pastel paintings, and bonus turtle and fish photos

I have enjoyed painting the last few days. After the Egg 'N More painting for the Family Crisis Center Dance tomorrow night, I put up a Pastelbord and worked on some pears for Regina's Pearathon. I also painted some apples, you know I love to do that.

Both of these small original pastels will be in my Jo's Notions for sale on my website. These Notions are small paintings, $50 for 5 x 7 and $100 for 8 x 10 inch paintings. I ship these unframed no shipping charges. The small pastel paintings will be attached to the glass and in a $1 frame from Wal-Mart. The buyer can pop the paintings into a frame of their choice.

Two Bartletts and a Bosc
Pastel on Pastelbord, 5 x 7 inches
Jo's Notions

It was fun to do a loose colorful painting for no reason. I did an under painting with purple pastel smeared around with alcohol. This dries much faster and I can begin painting right away. I blocked in the pears and added the highlights. I will post them on the Pearathon where you can post paintings of pears, too. There are some great paintings there already.

All Washed Up
Pastel on Pastelbord, 5 x 7 inches
Jo's Notions

I used the same technique for these apples. I brushed on a green background with alcohol. The dark background is green and red to make the apples stand out. I chose Jonathan apples as they have a variety of color. It is amazing, though, that even the Granny Smith or Delicious apples are not just green and red. I really prefer painting from life so I can see the color in the shadows. I guess that is why I like to paint still life and landscapes. Now I'm off to go eat the models!

Photos: Oh, before I go, we went to the golf course yesterday, too. Here are some photos from the beautiful day.

I wasn't close to the turtles, but captured a few anyway. There is one climbing out of the water on the far shore. You can see more turtle photos in these posts.

A couple of huge gold fish (??), in the water. These are at least 2.5 feet long. I would say longer, but that would sound like a fish story, right? they are a couple of feet under the water and 15 feet or so from the edge. Impressive size. We hadn't seen the fish in ages. Guess the rain brought them into view.


Joan said...

Lovely colors in your pears and the apples!!! Nice work!!

Joanna said...

Nice paintings. Glad you got to get out and golf, too.

Jo Castillo said...

Thank you, Joan. Looks like you have a pretty good weekend coming up .. no snow!

Joanna, thanks. It was good to get out and walk around.

Michelle said...

Love the fresh and yummy looking fruit with great choice of colors.

Also very envious of your nice weather to golf in!

Jo Castillo said...

Thank you Michelle. Guess you have been in the snow! Brrr. We have a friend in Price and they got hit big time.

Regina Calton Burchett said...

VERY good looking fruit! I hadn't seen the apples - they look so good. Will catch up with Pearathon as soon as this pesky tax stuff is done today!
Muchas, muchas gracias on the gift!!

Jo Castillo said...

Thanks, Regina. You are most welcome. De nada.

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