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Saturday, September 09, 2017

Last Sketch in the Big Book from Angel Fire

I sketched in the big coffee table sketchbook for the last time here in Angel Fire.  It is packed in its briefcase/computer case and ready to hit the road.

This Hunt is hosted by Joe in Florida.  They have shuttered their house and gone to a shelter. Hoping all goes well, they live on the west shores of Florida.  Pretty spooky.

One of our friends from south Florida has gone north to visit his brother in Minnesota.  They may get snow with his visit!

Another family of friends is staying put near Tampa.    Others we are not sure of.  Wishing them all the best.....

For Scavenger Hunt 511

Number 1, mirror - this sits on the built in hutch in the dining room.  From the angle where I was sitting you see the ceiling.  The view here in the mirror from my computer which caught my eye to sketch has the big windows and you see trees and sky.  I chose to sketch the simpler version, not the prettier one.

This has been a day of reflections for sure.  Our artist friend, Lou (Bag Blog), lost her mother recently.  I've been thinking of that as her father died not too long ago.  My parents died back in the early 80s and I still miss them.  I often think I should send Mom a photo of a sunset or rainbow.  I spent many hours with my dad stuck in the mud or snow or working cattle until dark.  My folks would be so happy to see how our family has turned out and the fun things we get to do.  My dad would drink to that!

Don Williams, country singer, died yesterday and we were listening to some of his old songs.  That brought back memories of Carolyn's wedding back in the early 80s, too. Carolyn's husband, Robert, died a short time ago, too. Carolyn is our niece and they played a Don Williams song, You're My Best Friend, at their wedding.  My mom was there and Carolyn's other grandmother.   So there are sweet memories all tied together.

So with all the hurricane thoughts and family thoughts tied into getting ready to leave Angel Fire, I'm having a happy/sad day.  This is a great place to spend time in the summer, we had an especially nice house but I will be happy to be home at our especially nice place, too.

***  ***  **  ***  ***  

For my art link I discovered a new sketcher artist.  I was reading Joan Tavolott's blog http://watercolorsbyjoan2.blogspot.com/   and a link was posted about this sketcher.  Some new styles to consider.  Beautiful work.

Paula Ensign in Washington state.

 Pretty clouds sort of northeast out of the house.

 And out the southwest.
 Caught a bit of a rainbow on the way to Eagle Nest, right in Angel Fire.  A mom photo.

Out the window of Calamity Jane's restaurant in Eagle Nest.


Bag Blog said...

Anytime I leave the mountains is sad for me, but I get over it pretty quick when my life gets back to routine. I have been having lots of happy/sad days. It has already gotten better. It is good to remember those we lost - especially the good times.

Joan Tavolott said...

Like you, I am concerned about friends who are in Irma's path. I am saying prayers that they all make it through safely. You are so well aware of how nature can change things for people.

Strange how things remind us of days gone by...some happy and some sad...hopefully more happy times.

Travel safely back home. With the focus on Irma the flooding in Texas has been pushed out of the news. I hope things have improved down there and that Texas Strong is proving to be 100% true.

Jo Castillo said...

Bag Blog, we are in Lubbock, so home looks real good, ha! We stay in a Clarion convention hotel, they had tattoo folks over the weekend. A wild looking bunch, they put us in a suite...nice.

Jo Castillo said...

Joan, thanks. Looks like Texas is on the way to recovery, still water around. Sure feel for the southeast. Bad couple of weeks.

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